1. gadget_ho

    Lamonster vs Trik Union Jack tank pads

    So in case anyone is tossing up between these two products, I bought both and you can see them side by side in the pic. For comparison, the Trik pads are a good deal larger, slightly thinner and don‘t incorrectly render one of the flags. The Lamonster seems a touch thicker and still has a...
  2. TheWhingnut

    Want to Buy Jack be Quick adapter for touring

    I'm looking for a jack-be-quick adapter or similar for a touring. the manufacturer is no longer doing Touring models. PM if you have one available.
  3. Rocket_Rider

    Best jack to go with Jack-Be-Quick

    Hi all, so I have purchased a JBQ bracket for my touring model, its just a rear bracket. Wondering what the best type of Jack is to use with the bracket as I will need to go buy a jack, currently i only have paddock stands for other bikes. is a trolley jack stable enough? should i be getting...
  4. Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster jack...

    Hi all, i have just bought a 2012 Rocket 3 and i am concerned with keeping it in my parents garage getting in the way, so wanted a way to stand it up straight also thought useful for maintenance... can anyone tell me if this jack will work ok? i don't know what the frame is like underneath (to...
  5. 1olbull

    The Union Jack is Back!

    Triumph Union Jack Flag Leather Motorcycle Gloves Red Blue White MGVS17303 | eBay
  6. uforocket3

    Jack Be Quick R3 Lift Plate

    Ordered my Jack Be Quick from the USA and it arrived with in a week down under . Fit straight on and works an absolute treat . If anyone likes to lift there R3 I recommend getting one.
  7. hoopla

    Put my Jack BE Quick to work today

    As you can tell I put the JBQ to work today, raised her up and applied the Shine N Seal to the raw aluinum parts on the wheels. The bike was VERY steady left to right and I used blocks to brace under the tires. Rock solid!! I release one wheel at a time to roll the wheel while I cleaned...
  8. R3Rx118

    Jacking Up Bike

    Hey guys, this is probably a non issue but I wanted to ask here before doing it. I have the standard motorcycle floor jack and up until now all my bikes have had frame rails to lift from, not so with the Rocket. Is there any issue doing the same thing with the rocket since it will be basically...