1. technoguppy

    R3 Brakes pads due?

    Anyone with a 2020 or newer Rocket 3 changed their brakes yet? I'm coming up on 40,000km (25,000miles) and with another long trip in a few weeks I'm just curious what others are seeing with respect to their brakes? I truly get that it depends on the rider, the riding style, the roads, the...

    Whats the best brake pads for my customers bike

    My customer has a touring with our st2 supercharger conversion, he's hauling ass but can't get it stopped. We fitted brembo front callipers and its made an improvement but he still needs more stopping power. I'm thinking getting the best pads is the answer. What brand and version do you thinks...
  3. gadget_ho

    Lamonster vs Trik Union Jack tank pads

    So in case anyone is tossing up between these two products, I bought both and you can see them side by side in the pic. For comparison, the Trik pads are a good deal larger, slightly thinner and don‘t incorrectly render one of the flags. The Lamonster seems a touch thicker and still has a...
  4. technoguppy

    Brake Pads - 2020 R3GT / R / TFC

    Anyone know what the replacement Part Number is for: Front Brake Pads: Rear Brake Pads: Thanks in Advance. Just prepping my list for a deserved long long riding season...
  5. Plow Horse

    Brake pads...again ?

    That time again. Edsel is in need of new brake shoes on the rear. I swear this bike gives a whole new meaning to consumable goods. Worse than a printer going through toner
  6. Darron1117

    Brake pads

    Hello Rocketeers, Getting close to time to change brake pads on The Beast. What's the best pad material? Should I go with sintered or semi-sintered? I have 5500 miles on my bike, does it digest pads the fast? Any particular brand that's better than the rest? Galfer, EBC, etc. Thanks,
  7. Darron1117

    New brake pads

    Hey my R3 brothers, How hard or easy is it to change my own front and rear brake pads on 2012 Roadster? Thanks in advance.
  8. Triple Trouble

    Ferodo HH brake pads

    Has anyone tried Ferodo Sintergrip HH pads?
  9. Ragnar

    Front brake pulsing after changing pads / tires

    Hi My front brakes did not give any bite they were applied, but all was nice an smooth. Bought some new pad and new tires (Avon Cobra Crhome) and got the shop to change both. The guy at the shop told me that the rotors had been quite blue on spots but he had tried to clean them up. Well pads...
  10. Simonb

    For Sale Black teardrop mirrors and tankpads for sale.

    I have the following items to sell, all new and genuine in original packaging. Will post internationally if required. Black teardrop mirror set solid stem, part number A9638085 - £75 plus p&p Also have a couple of tank pads for the centre of the tank part number A9718006 £20 each plus p&p
  11. tails

    fuel tank knee pads for sale

    genuine rocket 111 roadster tank pads ,part "a9718005" purchased last year never fitted still in packaging, cost £55.00 yours £35.00 posted. can send pics. thanks. :D
  12. Rocket Belly

    Advice on brake pads.

    Post ride inspection showed I will be needing to replace the brake pads on the R3. I am looking for quality not cheap knockoffs. What's the groups input?
  13. R3Rboy

    For Sale SOLD - Corbin beetle bags and other stuff

    Time to sell some stuff I'm clearly not using. Paypal is probably easiest but we can discuss other options if needed. Corbin Beetle Bags - $800 shipped in U.S. or $750 pickup or $750 + international shipping. Used (but never by me). I bought these but never mounted them as I had some Viking...
  14. Jabo75

    Galfer brake pads

    Anyone had experience with Galfer semi metallic pads? I really want to get the EBC sintered pads, but the Galfers are the only ones in stock and I want to change them this weekend.
  15. Lickety Split

    Brake pads

    Replaced my brake pads. 9000 mile mark. Ceramic pads from Amazon. Don't think I like them. Stopping distance. Just not getting that firm short stop feel to it. Try something else i guess.
  16. BigNorm

    EBC brake pads part numbers

    Does anyone know the part numbers for front and rear brake pads?
  17. RichRIII

    Anyone tried Sixity break pads on E-Bay?

    I see a company called Sixity is selling break pads on E-Bay for cheap. A full set of front and rear for $13 US. Has anyone tried them? They left look like a decent set of organic pads, but the price seems too good to be true.