1. Journeyman

    When To Use Your Rear Brakes- Well, It Depends Doesn't It?

    Opening up for discussion on this topic which I've been exploring more lately, especially as it pertains to riding in the twisties. Most advice, based on racing, is to use the front brake to shorten the rake of your bike. This puts more pressure on the front tire, increasing contact area and by...
  2. kazjim

    Confirm Brake Levers? '07 Riii 'Touring'

    G'day guys, at a bit of a loose end - I'm trying to get a new brake lever for my '07 Riii "Touring edition" and hitting brick walls. Bike came without a brake lever (Was in an accident, and I got it cheap) and I need one to ride it :P It should look like this, with the very narrow pinch bolt...
  3. technoguppy

    R3 Brakes pads due?

    Anyone with a 2020 or newer Rocket 3 changed their brakes yet? I'm coming up on 40,000km (25,000miles) and with another long trip in a few weeks I'm just curious what others are seeing with respect to their brakes? I truly get that it depends on the rider, the riding style, the roads, the...
  4. Southeast

    Front Brakes Gone After Recall Service

    Does anyone know enough about the rear brake recall procedure and whether that work can impact the front brakes? After the service I now have to pump the hand brake for it to work. Dealer says there is no way what they did could have impacted the front brakes.
  5. RockOn

    First Model Year For ABS Brakes?

    The earliest reference I can find to Rocket III models with ABS brakes are the 2011 Roadster and Touring models. I see that reference in the BikeBandit.com OEM parts lists and diagrams. Anyone know of earlier Rocket III model years with ABS? I ask because I've seen a few earlier Rocket III...
  6. R-III-R Turbo

    Hayabusa Brakes Upgrade

    Ever wonder would a Rocket beat a Hayabusa in a braking contest? And what about against a Hayabusa with €1000 Brembo brake upgrade? The factory brakes on the gen 1 ('99-'07) Hayabusas are shockingly bad. So the front brakes on the Busa were upgraded to basically Brembo everything (except the...
  7. Pedro

    Pretech brakes

    Hi,has anyone been in contact with Pretech brakes in the past few weeks.I dont seam to be able to.Any one got a email address that works .Cheers
  8. Paul Bryant

    New Brakes, front and rear.

    I've been playing ! I've fitted a pair of Pretech six pot calipers to the front on the Artrax disc's, and a stock front L/H caliper on an EBC cast Iron rear disc. Interesting details; The Pretech calipers have 12% less piston area than the stock 4 pot Calipers, but 14% more pad area. The...
  9. Sparky59

    Touring Rear Brakes just slightly draging

    M/C has only 15,000 miles, rear brakes were very worn, replaced pads, freed up caliper which was not "floating", changed fluid(believe original), bled brakes.....took bike for a ride and heat cycled pads, seemed as though brakes were up to snuff. Did not notice any pedal pulsation at all...
  10. 1K9

    Hot Rear Brakes

    My 2007 Classic has the case of the hot rear brakes. I mean piping hot after a short ride. Took the caliper off and made sure there was play in the guide peg. Re-torqued everything and went back out. Same problem. If I lift the bike the wheel seems to spin easy. If I was going downhill on...
  11. Tombstone

    R3T no rear brakes

    Hello everyone, Bike sat for a bit over winter and I had to hook it to the tender to jump it. First ride out I had zero rear brake unless I pumped it several times. I bled the rear and in doing so noticed that pressing the rear brake didn’t even activate the brake light, whereas the...
  12. albertaduke

    brakes & the bleeding saga

    as I bled the brakes ( front only as I do use the rear so sparingly ) I could not get the crisp bite on the pads as I am used to feel before so i followed all the advises given to me from more mechanically inclined members yet still no joy next step was to buy a new set of pads the...
  13. albertaduke

    front brakes..

    no matter what i do I am not getting the braking power I should feel from the front. I followed religiously all the advices on how to bleed the lines and I had the shop bleed the ABS last week and I bled the lines again got some bubbles out but the lever still travel all the way to the...
  14. Paul Bryant

    Disc brakes ain't that great !

  15. oradbaforpsoft

    No rear brakes - yikes!

    So I took the beast out today (RIII Roadster 2010) after a long winter. Before even leaving the driveway I notice my rear brake pedal goes all the way down without any resistance. Clank. Not Spongy, not intermittent - nothing. Brakes were fine last time I rode a few months ago. No fluid on the...
  16. aprillakilla

    standard brakes & rotors

    hi there am running standard brake calipers & standard rotors. don't know wether i'm repeating myself here but have had some concerns with the front brakes !! no leeks new fluid new master cylinder rubbers tried shimming under the heel of the brake lever ( new it was too much when the brake...
  17. boogerdave

    ABS Rear Brakes

    I need a little help on this one . . I recently changed out the rear pads on my 2014 R3T . . no big deal. Soon after that my ABS light started coming on a few miles into the ride. Could squeezing the pucks back in have caused an issue with the ABS? Anyone else had an issue?
  18. BigNorm

    Thems the brakes

    We talk a lot about how to make our stupid fast bikes go faster but not so much on making it stop. Who makes aftermarket brakes that brake better than stock? Love and kisses. Yer pal. Norm.
  19. tford69

    rear brakes

    having trouble with my rear brakes . My brake petal bottoms out the first time I step on them and even if I pump them up there still weak. My fluid level is good and I bled them. Pads are ok just seems like the plunger is bad.
  20. Anomaly

    4000 miles on new bike, rear brake squeal

    Bought a 2015 R3T new old stock a few days over 2 months ago. I've put 4000 miles on it and all the sudden it's developed a rear brake squeal. I've seen some other posts about this around 20K but not at this few of miles. Has anyone else experienced this on their bike?