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Clear Lake / Houston, Texas

1K9 United States

Big Cruisers 4 Me, Male, from Clear Lake / Houston, Texas

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Mar 31, 2020 at 7:11 PM
    1. PaddyO
      My cell phone is 352-573-0678. Let me know what your phone number is and I will let you know when I plan on heading your way.
    2. STRIPES
      Am I mistaken or are you looking for a "cruiser"? If so I have a clean 08 R3 Touring w cruise. Only 5k
      Ken. Aka Stripes
      1. 1K9
        Thank you for the offer but, not right now.
        Jan 13, 2018
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    Clear Lake / Houston, Texas
    2007 Rocket III
    Current Bike Details:
    2007 Rocket III Classic, TOR, RamAir, HansO decel-pop Tune, Tweaked by Scott
    Previous Rides:
    Sporster, Valkyrie, Zephyr, Magna
    Other Motorcycles:
    2007 Valkyrie
    Windsurfing, Poodles & Salukis, Amateur Radio K5TIA
    Joesmoe requested that I tell the group a little about myself, so here it goes. Born Puertorican in 1955, moved to Texas in 1986. Chiropractor for 22 years, retired. Vascular Technologist 10 years, retired, still teach Cerebrovascular Ultrasound, occasionally. Surfer since 1972, retired. Too fat and weak and there is no real surf in Texas, at least not nearby. Windsurfer since 1983, still windsurf Galveston Bay.

    Motorcyclist since 1993. First bike, 92 Sportster/sold followed by 97 Valkyrie/sold, Zephyr/sold, Magna/sold, Valkyrie again... still ride it, recently 2007 Rocket 3/stock/learning to ride it.

    I'm married to Cathy, engineer project manager at Air Liquide. She is awesome and a serious Standard Poodle enthusiast. I have a 37 y/o son, Rick, married to Jessica. They have a 1 y/o baby girl Camille. Rick is a finance manager at his local Ford dealership in Jacksonville. He rides an Aprilia RV4. Jessica is a prosecuting attorney. Baby Camille is just a princes, for now. Very proud of them.

    We live in Clear Lake near the Johnson Space Center complex. You can search my call sign K5TIA and locate me.

    My friend since the boyhood years, Dr. Ferrer, now spine surgeon in Monroe, got me into bikes. He lived in Daytona back then. He had a nice place to hang out during Daytona bike week trips. Three trips total in the 90s. in 1997 traded up to a Valkyrie to keep up with a friend who rode a BMW GS 1100. Had to sell it, needed the $$. In 2006 bought a Kawasaki Zephyr 1100 to ride to Alvin during training. Sorry I sold it. In 2015, after a 10 year hiatus the bug got me. Bought a 97 Magna to regain skills. The Magna got small quickly so bought a 98 Valkyrie. Awesome Bike. Saw a 2007 Rocket Classic for sale locally and pulled the trigger. Now... you have to develop new skills to ride that thing safely. The 30k mile bike has some cosmetic mods. Taller windshield, perhaps too tall and a few embellishments.

    Would like to ride more but don't like to ride alone. I've gotten old.
    If you are headed south on I45, call me, I' will join you or offer you a beer if you show at my door. eMail garciadc@comcast.net or text 832-877-9087. If I can figure it out, will post some pics to brag about.

    That's it Joe. Peace
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