brake pads


    Whats the best brake pads for my customers bike

    My customer has a touring with our st2 supercharger conversion, he's hauling ass but can't get it stopped. We fitted brembo front callipers and its made an improvement but he still needs more stopping power. I'm thinking getting the best pads is the answer. What brand and version do you thinks...
  2. technoguppy

    Brake Pads - 2020 R3GT / R / TFC

    Anyone know what the replacement Part Number is for: Front Brake Pads: Rear Brake Pads: Thanks in Advance. Just prepping my list for a deserved long long riding season...
  3. Darron1117

    Brake pads

    Hello Rocketeers, Getting close to time to change brake pads on The Beast. What's the best pad material? Should I go with sintered or semi-sintered? I have 5500 miles on my bike, does it digest pads the fast? Any particular brand that's better than the rest? Galfer, EBC, etc. Thanks,
  4. Darron1117

    New brake pads

    Hey my R3 brothers, How hard or easy is it to change my own front and rear brake pads on 2012 Roadster? Thanks in advance.
  5. Triple Trouble

    Ferodo HH brake pads

    Has anyone tried Ferodo Sintergrip HH pads?
  6. Rocket Belly

    Advice on brake pads.

    Post ride inspection showed I will be needing to replace the brake pads on the R3. I am looking for quality not cheap knockoffs. What's the groups input?
  7. Jabo75

    Galfer brake pads

    Anyone had experience with Galfer semi metallic pads? I really want to get the EBC sintered pads, but the Galfers are the only ones in stock and I want to change them this weekend.
  8. Lickety Split

    Brake pads

    Replaced my brake pads. 9000 mile mark. Ceramic pads from Amazon. Don't think I like them. Stopping distance. Just not getting that firm short stop feel to it. Try something else i guess.
  9. Dark_Element

    Help Needed!!!

    Hi Guys, I am new to the R3 world, still learning and would like to learn more from you guys. I own a 2010 R3T, purchased it almost 10 months ago. I don't own a car and use the motorcycle to commute daily to work and other places. I am planning to perform a regular maintenance on my...
  10. BigNorm

    EBC brake pads part numbers

    Does anyone know the part numbers for front and rear brake pads?
  11. RocketMan3

    Brake Pads

    Hi guys do we have any preference on brake pads ... There is organic, metal, ceramic.. And they range from $14 to $111.... Any advice would be appreciated...
  12. 1olbull


    So happy to find they could be replaced without having to remove the rear wheel again! Even more happy to see I dodged a bullet as they were max thin and I be riding out for RAA XI Friday!
  13. Busaboy

    Cheap Brake Pads - $15 shipped!

    Took a chance and bought this set of front and rear pads. $15 shipped for all 6 pads!! They looked to be semi-metallic. So far so good over the last 5 weeks. 2004-2009 Triumph Rocket III 2300 Kevlar Carbon Front & Rear Brake Pads
  14. Rear OEM Brake Pads Toast After 13,000KM

    Hey Lads, Took my 2014 R3T in for an oil change today. I also wanted the stealership to check my brakes. I was starting to feel what felt like brake fade. Turns out my pads where down to 20% life after 13,000km. Is that a little premature or somewhat normal? They've also told me the stock...
  15. Bedifferent

    Speaking of Brake Pads.....

    How often have you touring riders in particular, had to replace your brake pads? I know it depends on your riding habits, but how many miles should I expect to get out of my pads? With a rear tire change coming up in in a few more thousand miles, it would be wise to have a set of pads on hand...
  16. skydog1000

    Brake pads

    Where is the best place to buy brake pads ? I think someone here was making and selling them but not sure who.
  17. my06rocket

    Quick question - brake pads

    Hey guys, quick question - I know the user manual says the bike has to be upright to service the brakes, but I don't have any way to do that right now and I just need a quick 10 minute service on the callipers done. I just want to replace the pins (noticed during last pad change that there was...
  18. cusso ken

    My R3T ate its rear brake pads

    I recently replaced my rear brake pads on my R3T after 20000 Ks from new , I am not a rear brake over user,the original pads were worn but not badly I just thought it was time,the new pads went in surprisingly easily ,and were Ok, and I thought no more about them, today after a nice 300k ride...
  19. rahoffman2

    R3T Brake Pads chatter on bumpy roads

    Anyone got a fix for noisy/chattering brake pads? I'm real sick of hearing it whenever I hit a bump in the road (from both the front and the rear). I can make it stop by applying light pressure to the brake levers, but I will wear out the pads in no time! Too many bumpy roads around and not...
  20. vanguard138

    Brake pads

    Getting closer to having to replace the brake pads. Any suggestions on the best ones to put on an R3T?