1. DocTom

    Easy Simple Preventative Waterproofing! Ten dollars. 2020 Plus.

    While installing a new windshield, I noticed water intrusion, dirt and corrosion under the black cowling. Less than 1000 miles! See pics: Look at all the dirt and sediment: I noticed a gap in the black rubber seal where the water was obviously entering the compartment. Dealer had no...
  2. SonOfJorEl

    Ideal stand for maintenance work / storage?

    Is it advisable to use a front / rear stand like these on the Rocket? Would the weight hold up? Mostly looking to do oil changes, maybe install accessories and eventually use as a solution to store the bike off the ground during winter. Don't mind incurring some upfront cost for longterm gain...
  3. leatal

    Maintenance required?

    Two quick questions. I get a thumping noise in the front brake pad area when rolling slowly forward or rearwards and applying front brakes? It is only noticed when engine is off. Second question: When turning on the ignition (without starting) there is a constant buzz sound around throttle...
  4. slydog75

    Driveshaft/rear axle maintenance

    This is the first driveshaft bike I've owned. What mainentance do I need to be doing? Any good videos online?
  5. sonny

    Major maintenance coming up.

    I really enjoy working on my bike. It is one thing to take your bike to a shop and have someone else work on it and it is a totally a different world of satisfaction to do the work yourself and come out with good results. A manual and some help on here from the right people and your good to go...
  6. Emiel

    Scheduled Maintenance

    Did mine after 1,000km, am now at 5,600km and my dealr suddenly says "It’s normally 800km then 3k then 5k" Manual is clear: first one at 1,000km and then 16,000km - 32,000km - 48,000km and so on. Just wanna make sure no warranties are voided. Any comments?
  7. Chip

    Maintenance Manual

    i have dumped my file with the R3T maintenance manual. I got the from a captain on our forum. If one of the group would be so kind to post the Touring manual, I would appreciate. It. Chip.
  8. MohamedSalah

    Essential spares

    Hello Nice People, I want to stock the necessary spare parts to avoid ages of waiting for the stealership to bring them to me when I need. According to your experience, what do you think are the most important parts that must be among this inventory list?
  9. vindex1963


    Just changed plugs in my 2006 R3 Classic with 22,000 miles. Took out DPR8EA-9 plugs and put in DPR8EIX-9 iridium plugs. The original owner gave me a box of "stuff" and in that box were brand new plugs. 1. Oil and filter changed 2. Final drive fluid changed 3. Coolant changed 3. Ram Air added...
  10. Brennus

    New to me maintenance

    So I have a new to me 2013 Roadster with 65,000KM on the clock. So far I have replaced the battery, oil filter, oil and rear tyre. I'm just about to do the radiator hoses and coolant, and planning to remove the final drive to empty the oil out of the filler hole (thanks @Claviger ) and grease...
  11. Jeremy Holm

    Maintenance schedule

    I've been looking all over for an official detailed maintenance schedule for my R3T. The dealer did a **** job last time and charged me way too much. I'm going to have a good friend who is an excellent motorcycle mechanic do it for me but I'm having a hard time finding the full maintenance...
  12. RoleyRocket

    Dumb ass maintenance problem- sorted?

    Hi all, My 2014 roadster has a foreign object in the oil tank (don't ask what or how- I want to stay married). Have been trying to download a manual to check how to remove fuel & oil tanks but so far only ones I've found want to install other software or ask for payment without me being able to...
  13. ABC123

    Maintenance manual

    I have bought one from fleabay uk and received it yesterday. Naturally I looked through it, and was dismayed and surprised to find out there is absolutely NO mention anywhere, of the exhaust system. Not even in the Table of Contents. Anyone else have this missing? I especially wanted to look...
  14. Dark_Element

    Help Needed!!!

    Hi Guys, I am new to the R3 world, still learning and would like to learn more from you guys. I own a 2010 R3T, purchased it almost 10 months ago. I don't own a car and use the motorcycle to commute daily to work and other places. I am planning to perform a regular maintenance on my...
  15. R3Rx118

    Jacking Up Bike

    Hey guys, this is probably a non issue but I wanted to ask here before doing it. I have the standard motorcycle floor jack and up until now all my bikes have had frame rails to lift from, not so with the Rocket. Is there any issue doing the same thing with the rocket since it will be basically...
  16. Clay

    Makes working on your bike easier

    Did some late night maintenance last night. Been flat out with our business and travelling back and forward to Sydney with business related study. My fork seals have been leaking for weeks and I had a set of progressive springs sitting on the bench. About to go away again and thought b**ger it I...