1. slydog75

    Driveshaft/rear axle maintenance

    This is the first driveshaft bike I've owned. What mainentance do I need to be doing? Any good videos online?
  2. Paul Bryant

    Driveshaft spline lube

    I've been looking around here for a suitable drive shaft spline lube. The local bike shop has found this for me. Any thoughts as to if this is suitable. MOTUL MOLYBDEN Multipurpose Grease Lithium – Extreme-Pressure NLGI 2 – Reinforced with Molybdenum Disulphide TYPE OF USE Multipurpose grease...
  3. Msmitch459

    Greasing the driveshaft splines

    What moly grease do you use.
  4. albertaduke

    rear wheel differential driveshaft

    I guess not too many have seen the inside of the hub connected to the wheel well my cheap camera in hand I took a pic, and that is what I saw after splitting the case .