2007 rocket

  1. Sunshine1

    Help Please with my 2007 Rocket anyone???

    have a 2007 Rocket, removed all emission crap and put rubber plugs on T bodies. Bike wont start... I blocked all 7 off the 3rd throttle body has 3 that need to be blocked off? is their something I did wrong??? the map sensor on fuel rail has for a hose to go to, but I cant remember. Just want to...
  2. Bull

    Dyno in SE Michigan

    After going to my second shop I found a tuner in southeast Michigan! After putting on some TORs, cat delete, and a RamAir, my 2007 classic tourer would either run so lean it would burn my pantleg or so rich you could smell the gas. Either way, the throttle was incredibly snatchy and the power...
  3. Terry S

    Terry from Christchurch NZ, Hi team my bikes running rich.

    Gidday everyone, I ride a 2007 Rocket 3 Classic that i've had since new. Its got over 90000 klm on it, mostly open road klms as I prefer riding that. For around town riding I have a Vespa 300 scooter that is a perfect town bike. After the last two years servicing my Rocket hasn't been running...
  4. MohamedSalah

    Essential spares

    Hello Nice People, I want to stock the necessary spare parts to avoid ages of waiting for the stealership to bring them to me when I need. According to your experience, what do you think are the most important parts that must be among this inventory list?
  5. Kim Turner

    2007 Rocket III Classic, stalling when coming to stop?

    2007 Rocket III Classic 21,500 miles. Had 20,000 service. Starts and idles no problem. After about 6 miles, once stopped. Starts again no problem, but coming to stop at light have to rev engine to stop from stalling when in 1st gear. Sounds like not getting enough fuel. Any ideas?????
  6. BillyIndiana

    I need direction on a Tune

    I have offered to help out a fellow Captain in the area with his 2007 Rocket. It sounds like the bike is running very lean. Red hot lean. It appears to be stock, but I will go over it when he comes up this next week. I need a recommendation on a good tune for this model. Thanks