tune ecu

  1. steve mitchell

    How to remove secondary plates and turn them off in tunEcu?

    do i just remove the plates and turn secondary throttle off?
  2. Jimbo74

    New member looking for tuning advice.

    Hello all. Im in the U.K. and I have a2015 roadster which I imported from Australia. I’ve just fit Dave Platt Outlaw exhausts and already have a K&N filter. I’m hoping somebody can help me with some tuning advice as I’m starting to get confused. I took it to a local dyno tuner but he wouldn’t...
  3. lunatic

    Pcv and Tunecu with 3 bar map

    How are you guys installing a 3 bar map sensor for Pcv and Tunecu for boost applications? I read this post from a while back. It explains how to setup a 1 bar map for pressure base tuning. but not much about 3 bar. How To: Add Pressure Input for PC-V
  4. Troy

    Power commander 5

    I know there have been discussions on adding the PCV, but where I am there are no tuners that know our bikes. I think I want to go ahead and add it, and I guess the auto tuner so mike bike runs better. I am running triple K&N filters and open exhaust. The Tune Ecu pages do not have one that fits...
  5. James Burns

    Adding Cat-delete pipe, Tune Required????

    I purchased my 2010 Roadster with K&N Filter, TORS and the TORS Tune loaded a couple of years back. Just recently had Ramair fitted and the 12 minute self tune done. Really happy with the results of the Ramair but I've also ordered a cat-delete/crossover pipe for a little more volume and...
  6. Kojack1970

    2016 RTR Tune and O2 Sensor

    Have a 2016 Roadster, with DPlatt crossover and matching mufflers. Just added a ramair last week also. So, I downloaded Hanso's tune 20776 3rd generation, unrestricted, 2014+ Roadster TORS, triple filter/ Ramair etc. and loaded to the ECU without issue. I did noticed on this tune the O2 sensor...
  7. atlsrt44

    Tune ecu site

    Looks like a bunch of the tunes off the site are gone or possibly moved. Anyone else have that issue
  8. HIM57

    Tune ECU - Tors - Cat delete - Ram Air

    Hi, Got the above going on and loaded a tune that seems to work well with this combo. Just wanted to confirm as I am new to Tune ECU does this show that the secondaries are open 100%? Thanks
  9. Franx6

    Tune ecu

    I have the map 20228. It’s a bit rich, i smell the fuel... I try to put map 20226. But no luck with the connection... Less octane in fuel will help? Thanks Francis
  10. Lickety Split

    Tune ECU and clearing codes

    Been having issue with sluggish throttle response and a slight stall 2nd 4 the gear area when I slowly open the throttle. Anyway, this morning I was playing around with tune ECU on my phone via Bluetooth connection and decided to clear some codes. With the bike at idle I hit the clear ECU codes...
  11. Trav0302

    Need map for 2010 r3t w/D&D slip ons

    Looking for a new map for my 2010 r3t with d&d slip ons and k&n filter. I just ordered the cable with disc but I'll use the android app. Looking forward to detouring the engine.
  12. hoopla

    Tune ECU questions

    I just spoke with Rob's Dyno in Gardner mass and while he has tuned R3's he has some concerns about changes Triumph made after 2013.5. He's more than willing to tune R3's and would be a great resource for us guys in the northeast if we can get over this hump. His concerns are: There are...
  13. Chris Sutherland

    Tune ECU map

    Hi everyone, looking for the best map that suits my current setup. I have a 2008 rocket classic, cat delete, O2 delete, shortie exhaust system and ramair conversion. Does anyone have a good map for me? The bike splutters if I try hold 3000rpm in every gear. It's fine below and above. Figure it's...
  14. Rocket_Rider

    Tune ECU and battery

    Hi all, been reading up on Tune ECU as Im looking to retune my stock touring model to get the extra power that one will apparently get. I will do exhaust and ramair done the track, this is just step one. I notice the instructions say hook battery up to another battery and others have said a...
  15. Dr.D

    Need to buy a Tune ECU cable?

    I'm doing the upgrade with Lush and Bryant parts and i need to buy a real Tune ECU cable. I have seen that there are poor performing knock-offs and I don't want to buy a problem. Where is a good place to buy in the US? I saw one member selling but it was exclusive to the UK. Do I have to find...
  16. toshvmax

    Tune ecu HELP!!

    Just got the driver for the OBD cable sorted and connected to tune ecu and did a tps check and all fine then did iscv reset and all good but when I disconnected turned ignition on the fuel gauge showed full tank and 210 miles range!!will this recalibrate when i ride it?
  17. toshvmax

    Tune ecu and OBD-2 USB Cable

    Hi, Okay I have bought a OBD-2 USB cable from TTP and was wondering what driver I will need when using Tune Ecu, do I use the one they supply with cable, just want to double check?
  18. BillyIndiana

    I need direction on a Tune

    I have offered to help out a fellow Captain in the area with his 2007 Rocket. It sounds like the bike is running very lean. Red hot lean. It appears to be stock, but I will go over it when he comes up this next week. I need a recommendation on a good tune for this model. Thanks
  19. John Ward

    Another tune ecu question

    Ey up people.... been out on the rocket today and have noticed it sort of backfires on the odd occasion on the left hand side..not sure if its exhaust or into standard air intake.. my set up is totally standard apart from cat bypass.. oh and its a 2008 classic with the 3 pipe set up.. I have...
  20. BillyIndiana

    Stock 2005 Classic best tune?

    Rick C has asked me to give him a hand with his tune. I think he only wants me for my cable, but anyway. The bike is stock as far as intake and exhaust. I will check tune ecu and see what they have listed. I believe we are working on balancing the mileage and performance.
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