tune ecu

  1. Piter

    Hi Guys this is Kronos, looking fo good map

    Hi, got 2021 Rocket 3 GT and Speedmaster. Second one is for my wife but it ended a garage queen:) Does anyone got Tune ECU map for 2021 R3GT. I did one but not happy with the timings, it pulls back at the top , thaw i get 35 BHP extra and 8 Nm in mid range. My base map is 31017. Happy to pay...
  2. kazjim

    VAG-COM-K CAN Cable - confirmed

    G'day guys, I've been looking for a diagnostic tool for my Riii - long story short, it was wrecked and now I"m rebuilding it. When I took it out on Sunday, it got hot . . it's still winter here in Australia and although it is warm (about 20') on Sunday - the bike flashed it's 'overheat' light a...
  3. Gleekzorp

    Temporary pipe replacement and tune

    Hi, I've got TOR pipes, Ram Air filter and some cross pipes on my 2016 Roadster, and a tune to match that. Now I'm thinking about a trip through some countries where they are not very fond of those loud TORs. If I temporarily swap the TORs for the stock exhausts and do the 12 minutes tune, will...
  4. what map to install through tune ecu

    Im in the process of trying to locate the correct unrestricted Penner map. thats being offered free of charge as mentioned on this forum. Ive got a 2022 Rocket GT but its vin number does NOT seem to correspond to any of the VIN range as listed on the Tune ECU map database. Could someone either...
  5. Italianguy069

    Looking for a Tune ECU tune with Werks exhaust 2020 31013 map.

    Looking for a Tune ECU tune with Werks exhaust for a 2020 Rocket 3 with stock air filter and Werk's slip-on with no Cat. Currently using base map 31013. Any body with the same set up that has a dyno map done with a Hex file. for Tune ECU. Thanks
  6. leatal

    Fuel numbers in tune ecu?

    How does the ecm know how much fuel to add/subtract from the fuel ratio shown in the map if the O2 sensor is in open loop? If you change the ratio does the ecm adjust to the new ratio?
  7. Loatmead

    Tune ecu

    Morning all loaded the Penner tune yesterday on my r with no problems what a difference. Has anyone done a comparison between this tune and the DNK one on a rocket with the comp works pipes as they do ask for any mods rather than the Penner that just says standard exhaust
  8. buddazero

    Loading Tunes & O2 Sensor

    Hey, So earlier last week I got comfortable trying out Tunes for my Rocket; one Tune actually stopped my bike from running so lean. Since then I met another Rocketer and he found a compatible Tune that requires the O2 sensor be unplugged. The instructions were to follow the cable up to the...
  9. bebsy

    Tune ecu cloning

    Evening all Could someone pls tell me if its OK to load another Rocket onto my existing tune ecu or would it need to be setup separately
  10. Loatmead

    Tune ecu

    Morning all has anyone here in the Uk used tune ecu and more importantly be prepared to do mine. I have read various post and just can’t get my head around it. I did the Meerkat exhaust mod yesterday and am keen to get a new map loaded more suited to the slightly more free flowing exhaust. Or is...
  11. Rocket_Rider

    tune ecu tune not downloading

    hi all, Last ditch effort for help before going to dealer..... I flashed the nels full remap tune in resources but bike didn't like it. Now when I try to flash any other tune it says its done but when I read the ecu it's some weird set of tables that doesn't match any tune I have on file...
  12. Msmitch459

    How to remove secondary plates and turn them off in tunEcu?

    do i just remove the plates and turn secondary throttle off?
  13. Jimbo74

    New member looking for tuning advice.

    Hello all. Im in the U.K. and I have a2015 roadster which I imported from Australia. I’ve just fit Dave Platt Outlaw exhausts and already have a K&N filter. I’m hoping somebody can help me with some tuning advice as I’m starting to get confused. I took it to a local dyno tuner but he wouldn’t...
  14. lunatic

    Pcv and Tunecu with 3 bar map

    How are you guys installing a 3 bar map sensor for Pcv and Tunecu for boost applications? I read this post from a while back. It explains how to setup a 1 bar map for pressure base tuning. but not much about 3 bar. How To: Add Pressure Input for PC-V
  15. Troy

    Power commander 5

    I know there have been discussions on adding the PCV, but where I am there are no tuners that know our bikes. I think I want to go ahead and add it, and I guess the auto tuner so mike bike runs better. I am running triple K&N filters and open exhaust. The Tune Ecu pages do not have one that fits...
  16. James Burns

    Adding Cat-delete pipe, Tune Required????

    I purchased my 2010 Roadster with K&N Filter, TORS and the TORS Tune loaded a couple of years back. Just recently had Ramair fitted and the 12 minute self tune done. Really happy with the results of the Ramair but I've also ordered a cat-delete/crossover pipe for a little more volume and...
  17. Kojack1970

    2016 RTR Tune and O2 Sensor

    Have a 2016 Roadster, with DPlatt crossover and matching mufflers. Just added a ramair last week also. So, I downloaded Hanso's tune 20776 3rd generation, unrestricted, 2014+ Roadster TORS, triple filter/ Ramair etc. and loaded to the ECU without issue. I did noticed on this tune the O2 sensor...
  18. atlsrt44

    Tune ecu site

    Looks like a bunch of the tunes off the site are gone or possibly moved. Anyone else have that issue
  19. HIM57

    Tune ECU - Tors - Cat delete - Ram Air

    Hi, Got the above going on and loaded a tune that seems to work well with this combo. Just wanted to confirm as I am new to Tune ECU does this show that the secondaries are open 100%? Thanks
  20. Franx6

    Tune ecu

    I have the map 20228. It’s a bit rich, i smell the fuel... I try to put map 20226. But no luck with the connection... Less octane in fuel will help? Thanks Francis