1. lunatic

    Tuning turbo with PCV problems

    How many of you have done pressure based tuning? I am having issues with the pcv ignition module. Is there any other software or ways of tuning via pressure base besides Dynojet? I am not impressed with the them. The auto-tune is slow, I can do better with data logging and manually putting in...
  2. Justin Lakes

    Supercharged bike blowing oil cap off

    We keep losing oil cap/dip stick off. I'm thinking it's under hard acceleration. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a way to remedy it ? Venting crankcase to exhaust or better venting in general.
  3. Bull

    Stock TuneECU map when installing PCV and dyne?

    I'm going to install a PCV and have it dyno-tuned at the same time. My question is should I load up the stock TuneECU map or can I keep the map I've been using with my bike? TORS, cat delete, and ramair.
  4. lunatic

    Pcv and Tunecu with 3 bar map

    How are you guys installing a 3 bar map sensor for Pcv and Tunecu for boost applications? I read this post from a while back. It explains how to setup a 1 bar map for pressure base tuning. but not much about 3 bar. How To: Add Pressure Input for PC-V
  5. Rocket_Rider

    PCV autotune model

    Hi all, can someone let me know which model of the PC autotune I need for a touring? When I look it up there seems to be a single sensor and a dual sensor? Am I going to need to weld an o2 bung or does it just screw into and replace an existing OEM sensor? I’ve tuned with Tuneecu and am...
  6. E

    Shorty Outlaw Exhaust and Ramair. What tune or do I need a PCV and AT

    So I ordered a set of the Shorty Outlay exhausts and the Ramair. I know that the 12 minute reset wont do for this extent of mod. Is there a particular tune that works best for this combo on a 2018 Rocket 3? Do I have to go PCV and AT route? What is my best bet. I love this bike and don't...
  7. hoopla

    So, PCV autotune

    I recently saw a thread, where the man in the tin shed was taking data from a PC3, after a cam install, then sending data back to guy with the new cam to make adjustments to either the PC3 a/f map or directly to the bikes ecu, I'm not sure which. Anyways, I'm installing Paul's header, a new...
  8. Donny

    Engine/Fueling Probs at 3500 revs week after fitting PCv

    Hi folks. Where should I begin. Ok. My bike is 2006 Classic, cat removed Tors fitted, RamAir filter, Hanso ECU tune and two weeks back fitted PCV and dynoed at my local shop. Dyno went not bad was able to pull out : 142.5 ponies and 151.7 Torque. Bike ran perfect for about a week and then it...
  9. m6w6

    PCV map of a Tuner

    Say a tuner does it with PCV, can the resulting table be applied with TuneECU? ... or would it be of no use?
  10. kwimmer

    TuneEcu with PCV and Autotune question

    Loaded a Tune Ecu tune I got from Hanso for my 2008 with Ramair , Viking Header and now single Viking silencer.At the time it was for header and Staintunes. I have PCV with autotune which I loaded with a zeroed tune in the PCV and Hanso's AF table in the autotune. Everything seems good except...
  11. rash_powder

    Power-tripp tune for PCV

    Hello! I am just getting back into motorcycling as my children are now old enough to stay home alone during the summer. It has been a while since I tinkered, and have forgotten quite a bit. I have just re-loaded Power-Tripp's free tune for R3Ts and currently have a zero map in my PCV-AT...
  12. Pedro

    PCV gear calibration table

    Can anyone who has a PCV help me out ,If you open PCV and then power commander tools ,calibrate, gear position,and write down the numbers in the table. I have messed mine up Thanks All
  13. hoopla

    Android and PCV

    I've just ordered a PCV and AT, so I'll need to "accept" and change the fuel map etc, can the Android do this task? PCV is only windows based, but I believe I have seen in Tune ECU on my Adroid something about accepting trims or such. Does anybody know if the droid will do this or do I...
  14. Anomaly

    Removing/disabling PCV

    So, I wanted to have my bike dyno'd so I had a Power Commander V installed. The A/F ratio has now been optimized for my mods and I'm going to load the PCV map into TuneECU so I can remove the PCV from the system. Is there anything specific that I need to know about removing it? I'll probably...
  15. R3Rx118

    Told PCV Not Recommended.....By Dealer

    Hi all, not to start another thread dealing with a Power Commander but I couldn't find what I was looking for in the existing Threads...I did NOT read them all. I talked to a dealer about mods for my Rocket, and asked them what they do. I am looking to do the intake and exhaust, secondaries...
  16. dave64

    Pcv for sale

    Any one interested in purchasing a PCV , make an offer Australia only please .
  17. tonous

    Need a PCV tune for a '10 R3 Roadster forced air, Jardines, Autotune, LCD200, 2nderys removed

    I recently fabricated a forward facing forced air filter box for the side of the r3. I got the bike used and the previous owner had his own target afr/tune going on that worked just fine until after the install. His tune was from 13.0-13.7 with various rpms obviously. Test rode it today without...
  18. El Bruto

    couple of small questions after fitting PCV with autotune

    Ok.. so fitted a PCV and autotune today.., bike sounds great, much better than before although ive not ridden it yet.. BIG THANKS to Hans0 for all his help, advise and maps... 2 small issues... I fitted the new O2 sensor that came with the auto tune.. but now I have an ecu fault code, "P0031...
  19. sleeves

    Tune ECU / PCV Question

    Hi all, just looking for some confirmation with this and please correct me if I'm completely wrong here (its a bit long winded but trying to get my head around this). The standard computer has F and L Tables with an FL Switch based on throttle position and RPM. These determine the air mass...
  20. BillB

    PCV with Autotune users poll Part 2

    Here is the second part
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