1. Ishrub

    Today's scores: Corbin Dual with back rests and a pair of Shorty Rocket exhausts

    Today's scores: Corbin Dual with back rests and a pair of Shorty Rocket exhausts/crossover
  2. Tim Forrest

    Shorty back end for roadster

    Hi,,just installed a shortened back guard on my Rocket,,tidy the flabb away,,inbuilt leds so super bright and very very clean looking,,I,m really pleased with the new look
  3. Kerberos

    Best tune options for Ramair and outlaw shorty exhaust

    Despite my original desire to keep the bike as stock as possible, the mod bug has already bitten. After reading so many threads about stock intake/muffler restrictions, combined with a desire to also improve both performance and sound, I decided to swap intake and exhaust. I’ve seen several...
  4. AussieMick

    Dave Platt Shorty Outlaws- For Sale

    SOLD (Pending) Gents, I have a barely used full set of DP Shorty Outlaws- with Crossover sitting in the shed in Adelaide Australia. I think I paid about $1200 delivered from the UK and used for about a month before the neighbours got the ****s with my 0400h starts (don't blame them). Normal...
  5. Arealrider

    For Sale Shorty Outlaw exhaust

    1400 obo shorty Outlaw exhaust
  6. Shorty Outlaw Exhaust and Ramair. What tune or do I need a PCV and AT

    So I ordered a set of the Shorty Outlay exhausts and the Ramair. I know that the 12 minute reset wont do for this extent of mod. Is there a particular tune that works best for this combo on a 2018 Rocket 3? Do I have to go PCV and AT route? What is my best bet. I love this bike and don't...
  7. AussieMick

    For Sale DP Shorty Outlaws and Crossover

    Selling hardly used DP Outlaws with DP Crossover to fit a 2017 Roadster. Hardly used, like new. Too loud for the neighbours at 0430h when I leave for work. No problems during the day, but early morning, no way. Let me know if you are interested and we can talk pricing
  8. Twiz003

    David Platt shorty tune

    Hi all, Have bought a DP shorty pipe and cat delete to fit my old 2004. Running Tors, cat delete box and 20228 at the moment. Had a few conversations with members and the general view is i will be running lean. As i can't afford to go down the dyno route are there any tunes that are close to...
  9. MajorTom

    2016 winter mods: fender chop, LED lights, signals and more!

    Custom work completed this winter: Chopped front and rear, new lights, LED signals, T-bar, shorty controls, paint touchups, powder-coated rims and a new set of Avon Cobras. Is it spring yet? Rocket III Roadster Custom by MajorTom posted Dec 3, 2016 at 1:50 PM Rocket III Roadster Custom by...
  10. slick rick


    Hey Tune gurus, specifically you, Hanso, 'Shorty', my stock standard '13 R3R, with the Carp Brute pipe now on it, needs a tune.Popping loud enuff to sound like a gunfight in downtown Baghdad. I am not allowed to use my PCV, warranty issue with dealer, but will add triple KnN's later, which is...
  11. mbdean55

    Shorty on '05 Rocket

    Hello new to the forums here and new to my Rocket as well. Owned it a little over a month and all I can say is I will never own any other bike. (besides a newer one of course) :) Anyway, I was looking at getting the shorty exhaust from newr3.com and was curious will I run in to any problems...
  12. shorty exhaust on r3t

    Has anyone put shorty exhaust on their r3t I'm about to get a 2013and was told it wouldn't fit 2nd choice might be cobra tri ovals but read they wouldn't work either. Pretty frustrated at this point and I haven't even got it home. Any help out there?
  13. My Rides

    My Rides

    2007 Triumph Rocket 3 Classic Tourer edition.
  14. My Rides

    My Rides

    2007 Triumph Rocket 3 Classic Tourer edition. Shows my Stebel horn mounted to crash bar
  15. My Rides

    My Rides

    2007 Triumph Rocket 3 Classic Tourer edition. Shows the Shoty exhaust and my Corbin wind screen
  16. doglanta

    Shorty Performance Exhaust

    Shorty Performance Exhaust Cutom Map & Dyno Results One of my projects before prime riding weather gets here was to get new exhausts on both of my bikes. I finished last week with my Speed Triple and then this past weekend I finished my Rocket. The shorty exhaust on my Rocket was a little...
  17. doglanta

    Does anyone else have this Shorty exhaust?

    I am looking to see if anyone else has this Shorty exhaust? I just received mine and would like to know how anyone else who has it has it set up? I know the details for the exhaust says that no special tuning is needed but I would be interested in hearing what actual owners have found. I will...
  18. Big bugga

    Shorty exhaust

    Shorty Exhaust for the New Triumph Rocket III Anyone got something like this already fitted? Personally I love the look of it but it would be nice to know if it has a down side.
  19. Yachmoo

    Shorty exhaust?

    so I was bored this past week. I removed my rear tire to get it changed. While I was doing that I removed the three exhaust pipes. Then I wanted to hear how it would sound. It sounded pretty good. so are there side effects from running without those exhaust pipes? I'd like to get three custome...