1. kazjim

    Confirm Brake Levers? '07 Riii 'Touring'

    G'day guys, at a bit of a loose end - I'm trying to get a new brake lever for my '07 Riii "Touring edition" and hitting brick walls. Bike came without a brake lever (Was in an accident, and I got it cheap) and I need one to ride it :P It should look like this, with the very narrow pinch bolt...
  2. Whylee

    AVDB short levers installed

    Installed my shorty AVDB gold levers today. They fit perfect, I was expecting to fight and mod something to make them fit, but nope. Took all of 10 minutes to install both.
  3. Levers - What options are there

    Morning Guys, I am looking to change the levers on my 221 R and looking to see what others have fitted. I would normally go ASV but have read of some fitting issues with the clutch/brake switch. I have seen Wunderkind and they look really nice, but what other options are there. If anyone knows...
  4. Journeyman

    Custom replacement clutch/brake levers for 2.5

    Just replaced my stock levers with foldable adjustable custom levers from AVDB Moto (French). You'll find them on eBay. Choose between short, long, "flip up" in a variety of colors. I got the flip up (fold instead of break) adjustables so I could set the length for the clutch to three fingers...
  5. bouncebrothers

    ASV BRC550 + CRC550 brake/clutch levers 2020 R

    Hi has anyone ever fitted and ASV levers? I have fitted mine to a 2020 rocket 3 R and they fit but the clutch lever is a totally different shape. It bends the clutch dip switch massively! I have spoken with ASV and they can’t help! But I have seen them fitted on other forums, I have re shaped...
  6. ExtremeAntics

    Indicators and Levers

  7. Micksan


    I have a 2014 R3T. I just converted it to a trike. The wife rides also. Problem is that the lever setup for the T is set to far out for her hands. She has to take her hand off the handle bars to get at the levers. I have tried every source. No adjustable levers for the "T"s. Lots for the...
  8. Micksan

    HELP>>> Need to find adjustable ,or fixed Brake & Clutch Levers

    The stock levers are to far out from the handlebar. My wife says she can not ride until we can get them in closer. I am 6ft 3 with big hands and find it is a reach for me also. Found out the hard way that the Roadster and touring models have much different levers. Can find for Roadster but...
  9. QwiQR3


    Greetings fellas... Has anyone used these levers before?
  10. MikeCR

    short vs full length levers

    Looking at replacing the stock levers. My biggest question so far is short vs full length. I think the only thing to be gained would be flexibility in throttle/brake operation without the no-no of keeping some fingers behind the brake lever. But maybe in an emergency stop some smoothness would...
  11. Tattoomick

    New levers for the r3r

    Just got these and wow perfect fit and serious build quality .
  12. cbeaman22

    Upgrades cause problems?

    Ok gents, I am very puzzled on this. My roadster was fine all last riding season (first season owning it). Decided to use the winter slumber time to modify and do lots of changes to it (mostly blackout) while waiting for the warmth to come. After doing the neg and pos cable upgrade to the...
  13. Mikethepie

    Heel and toe gear levers

    Has anyone found a decent heel and toe gear changer for sale? The Rivco ones appear to be discontinued now, not having much luck in my searching, would have to be shipped to New Zealand also.
  14. sonny

    Hand grips and new levers.

    Kind of looking at the Strada brand for grips and levers. Just out of curiosity what is the advantage to the short levers vise the long? Any advantage to short adjustable levers? They make hand grips and levers that are supposed to be a direct fit. Specified by year. Like the looks of their hand...
  15. Cherokee

    For Sale Chrome Headlight Trim

    OEM Headlight Trim for Touring. I think this is about $30 for the trim new. FREE if you pay the shipping.
  16. Jid

    Installed Pazzo levers

    150 off of eBay, new. They didn't take but 10 minutes to install. I definitely like the feel and the look.
  17. Brian Bracken

    ASV clutch lever not actuating clutch switch

    have the correct clutch lever for R3 but it won't actuate clutch switch any one has similar problem
  18. mr hunt

    Clutch levers

    Turns out my CR250 skills aren't as easily applied to off-roading on my R3 as I thought they would be...also turns out that the clutch lever is a sh#t anchor and doesn't stop the big girl as she slides on her side... ...so, buying a new lever this arvo and i notice that pre-2010 machines have...
  19. Replacing clutch/brake levers

    I would like to change my stock levers out for something with less of a reach. Even at setting #4 I find the reach on both levers to me more than I like. If anyone has done this or has any ideas, I would appreciate any input. thanks, sds
  20. Adjustable Levers for R3T

    I would like adjustable levers on my R3T. Has anyone found a manufacturer that's making them? There's these idiots on EBAY from China claiming that their adjustable levers fit, but they're full of crap! They openly admitted to me that they haven't tried to fit them on a R3T, but promote it as if...