1. Whylee

    AVDB short levers installed

    Installed my shorty AVDB gold levers today. They fit perfect, I was expecting to fight and mod something to make them fit, but nope. Took all of 10 minutes to install both.
  2. baileegirl

    Hi... I am new here, although I do own a very new 2020 Rocket III GT.

    My Rockett III sets because it is too tall for me to ride. I bought it because I fell in love with the overall look of this rather large machine. I keep it in the garage , all covered up with sheets to keep it clean. So far I have about 100 miles on it and choose to ride my Softail because I...
  3. I did electronics measurement and battery drain calculation for rocket3R 2022 - Battery, Turn signals

    Hello All, Hope it helps someone - Stock blinkers are 2watts 12V LED Array in each blinker/turn signal so they are consuming 167Milliamps per blinker. - When bike is completely OFF and Key Fob is ON and in range then motorcycle drains battery at 80Milliamps. - When bike is completely OFF and...
  4. Russ Penner

    2012 RR3 Randomly blowing ignition fuse #2

    Sure could use some advice trouble shooting fuse #2. I have blown this 15 amp fuse on back-to-back rides last week; both times after about 20 minutes of mixed street/hwy riding and both times while waiting at a signal light. After replacing the fuse, I continued the ride home for another...