1. minoru

    I'm viewing this site from Japan.

    My motorcycle is a Rocket 3R. The right side of the front tire has significant wear. Is everyone's Rocket 3R having the same symptoms?

    hello, Factory spark plugs are from NGK and used in following type of older model motorcycles ( not impressive to me ) I expected premium grade spark plugs in this rocket 3 R. I want to to upgrade the spark plugs to better technology from NGK, I did quite a bit of research and made this...
  3. Rocket3R engine shuts off low speed rolling

    Hello, I have penner map flashed. I have ridden 800km on new penner map. After 800KM RIDE ON PENNER MAP I have noticed 3 times in city/parking lot ride that while I am doing low speed ride roll/move/ride in parking lot or road in 1 or 2 or 3rd gear or while changing gear. The engine just shuts...
  4. I did electronics measurement and battery drain calculation for rocket3R 2022 - Battery, Turn signals

    Hello All, Hope it helps someone - Stock blinkers are 2watts 12V LED Array in each blinker/turn signal so they are consuming 167Milliamps per blinker. - When bike is completely OFF and Key Fob is ON and in range then motorcycle drains battery at 80Milliamps. - When bike is completely OFF and...
  5. How many days until battery discharge when rocket3R is not in use

    Hi, can someone tell me how long it takes until battery discharges to the point where it only turns on INSTRUMENT DASH but does not kick the starter motor ( battery voltage goes around 8V as compare to 13V ) when the bike is not in use at all? 10days? 20days? 40days? Edit : Please check this...
  6. Rocket3R tug war with any other production motorcycle?

    hi, I am wondering if we do a tug war between rocket3R and any other non Triumph stock/nonmodified production motorcycle then are there 100% chance that rocket *will always win* the tug war because of torque? Image from internet
  7. Which jack/lift you are using for your rocket3R 2020+

    Hi, i cant find any decent jack/lift brand online, can you suggest which one is reliable? I did find this big blue lift but its like 1100 USD, I need a lift/jack to clean bike/do some small maintenance etc. Regards
  8. Titanium mountain

    Titanium mountain

    A mining region with an industrial past. Ideal for dark bikes