1. New Rocket 3 GT Rider in Germany

    Hey there, my name is Erik and I got myself a nice 3 GT in December last year. I haven't been riding a lot recently as the winter is still going on over here. Well, this gives me time to think about customizing it. Thank you for accepting me to the forum and I am looking forward to chatting with...
  2. Joa

    Servus, I'm the new one from Munich/Germany

    Hi there, Just registered to the board. I'm from Germany, thus not a native speaker (sorry). Besides some small bikes I drive a Triumph Rocket III Roadster (2016). This year I will become 61, a yes I am a male. Weekends I visit motorcycle meetings with my small tent. I'm a biker, have no car and...
  3. Normen

    Moin from Germany

    Hello from Braunschweig/Brunswick - northern germany
  4. heikoo

    Hello from Hannover Germany

  5. tgessner

    Rocketeer in waiting. Hi from Munich, Germany

    There is a German proverb that says: Anticipation is the best part of the joy. Well, that is rubbish. While I am waiting for my new Rocket 3r, I probably have watched every Rocket-related Youtube video a dozen times, while becoming increasingly nervous in anticipation. I am not a cruiser guy...
  6. spelze

    Hi from Germany

    My Name is Thomas from Germany riding the GT since above 8.000 miles and loving that bike. Hope to get much information from over the world. I'm also riding the BMW 1600 - bought new in 2017 and made 93.000 miles up to now. Greetings Thomas
  7. CSMove

    Greetings from Bavaria

    Hello to all, or "Servus", as we say in Bavaria, Germany. We are Christina and Stephan (daBarny) and we live in beautiful Bavaria with our capital city Munich. Here we´ve got marvelous curvy motocycle routs. We love to ride them along with our Rocket 3 classic, me, Chistina, on the pillion seat...
  8. Roadster2016

    Hello from Germany

    Hi, my name is Frank and I own the third Rocket Roadster already. I read here for a long time and like to take part of this community. Hope You can tell me and I can tell you a lot of our Rockets. Greets Frank.
  9. Duck

    ROCKETDAYS - int. Germany Triumph Rocket III Meeting Jul 11.-14. 2019

    ROCKETDAYS 2019 - international Triumph Rocket III Meeting in Germany Jul 11. – 14. 2019 The Meeting is in a beautiful place in Luisenthal / Thuringia More Information : http://www.rocketdays.de Look the Video from our Meeting ROCKETDAYS Meeting Video Rocketdays Shirts Shirts from the...
  10. niktriple

    Hi from Germany

    Recently bought a street triple r 09'. fell in love with it pretty fast. im here to gather information about it, and meet you guys and your rides :)
  11. rebellsport

    Ulli from Germany

    Hi there, my name is Ulli and I live in Herne, Germany. Last month I bought a Rocket 3 Touring and love it. Best regards Ulli
  12. Hexenwerk

    Hello from Germany

    Hi, my name is Klaus from south Germany. My forums name ist also Hexenwerk or witch work, for no specific reason. You might have seen my unusual green R3 on FB or YT. Many modification, few of the shelve parts, many hand made parts. All with TÜV, our local authority approval. So safe and...
  13. Dieter

    Hi from Stuttgart, Germany

    Good morning everybody, just a quick introduction after lurking here for a few days. I'm Dieter (pronounced like "Peter" but with a "D"), living in Porsche/Daimler City in Germany and finally riding a 2013 R3 Roadster. Started of on a BMW R80, graduated to a Honda CBR 1000F (great bike), moved...