1. Kojack1970

    Under tail fender

    Received an email today from Street Stuff in CT that covered new touring accessories for the 2.5 rocket. They had hard bags, a batwing fairing and a nice undertail kit, link below. https://www.triumphpartsonly.com/collections/rocket-3-gt-r-tfc/products/triumph-undertail-kit-rocket-3-r-gt
  2. TheKid

    TFC Rear fender performance

    For those unshure of the new rear fenders not repelling or rooster tails, I just followed Doc and Sandy through rain soaked roads and this was the results. It was about 20 miles.
  3. Griff

    Fitting front fender chrome bling R3T

    Bought this from a wrecker - off a 2008 model. Anyone advise how these are actually mounted? Particularly the plastic trim pieces? (Obviously the end at the forks is straight forward but at the front end?) TIA
  4. AMXsteve

    Fender eliminator TFC rocket

    Been looking at some threads and figured why not as that fender is nasty. Just an amazon generic eliminator i modified to get up as high as possible. No signals yet and i think its better but not loving it. Going to integrate signals in tailight next and sude mount plate off old bemper mount
  5. jack Arzoomanian

    ,fender n Signals windscreen

    This part done,what you think?
  6. Lamonster

    2020 Triumph Rocket 3 Fender Eliminator

    This is a mod I was really wanting to get done right away. I love the looks of that big fat tire and the clean look of the backend. What do you think? 2020 Triumph Rocket 3 Fender Eliminator by Lamonster posted Jan 17, 2020 at 5:27 PM 2020 Triumph Rocket 3 Fender Eliminator by Lamonster...
  7. Darron1117

    Fender tip

    Hey Rocketeers, Installed chrome rear fender tip today and I'm always a bit nervous boring holes in my beast perfect paint, but it came out excellent. Awesome machine it is!!!
  8. Budski

    Front fender rail kit

    Well after 7 months of shopping the world I finally came up with all the parts to add the front fender rail kit with the chrome 3 piece fender trim. Thanks to all that helped from Wyoming, Australia, South Carolina and Michigan.
  9. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale Front Fender with Embelisher

    This came off a 2005 immediately after purchase for a custom painted accessory fender. It has been in storage for almost 15 years. Excellent Condition Like New. Still Available 7/4/20. $125 Shipped Domestically.
  10. Budski

    Want to Buy Front Fender Tips for my R3T

    I spend this summer tracking down parts for the Front Rail Kit and Front Fender tips. I now only need the A9700231 (Left Front Fender Tip) & A9700233 (Center Front Fender Tip). If you have been trying to collect all the parts like I am and are coming up short and just want to sell them now...
  11. 1olbull

    Chrome Rear Fender Side Covers

    I have a perfect set of chrome rear fender side covers with cut outs for a back rest. I would like to trade these for a set with no cut outs.
  12. GDoggy

    triumph rocket 3 touring rear fender rail kit A9758114

    I have been looking for a rear fender rail for some time. Does anyone have a new or old one they will part with cheers Garth
  13. Budski

    Want to Buy Looking for the rare allusive A9758113 Front Fender Rail Kit

    Hello, I'm looking for the rare and allusive Front Fender Rail Kit for my 2011 Rocket III Touring. I am also willing to pay a finders fee if you have any leads. Thank you, Dave
  14. Joesmoe

    Front fender rail plus embellishment

    My daughter installed this - thanks to @Ishrub for locating it !
  15. Captain Bob

    For Sale R3 Front Fender

    I have a 2008 R3 Touring front fender that is practically brand new. It was taken of a new bike (less than 1K miles) and has been in storage. It is black and white with no scratches or dents. $150 or best offer. Buyer pays shipping. I'm located in the US.
  16. pomeroy

    For Sale Touring fender rail

    Just spotted this on ebay, a tad pricey but hard to find, might be able to make a bid. Genuine Triumph Rocket 3 Front Fender Rail A9758113 | eBay
  17. GDoggy

    Triumph Rocket 3 rear Fender Rail A9758114

    Hi folks, new to the forum and new to the Rocket after the last 6 years on a storm. Loved it to death but are loving the R3T just as much. I have been on a world wide hunt for all the original accessories and have just about got everything except the rear Fender Rail A9758114. I know this is a...
  18. cskals

    Ponters Rear fender mod.

    Hi all. Anybody knows how he got the rear fender that close to the rear wheel. Sure I can invent something myself, but if anybody has drawings, or ideers, I'll be happy to receive them :-) And also, a very thin seat, does it exist, or do I have to get it made? Thanks all.
  19. Thedogsbollocks

    Rear fender custom...

    Very interested in this. From most I’ve seen this looks to be well made and finished. It’s expensive but looks good. I’m going to have it painted Matt white stripes to match the bike. Anyone had any experience of this brand? Is it only available from this French site? Kit Carrosserie pour...
  20. Mike

    2015 R3T rear inner fender paint/wiring

    I bought one of the left over 2015 R3T's in late Sept of 2016 after I destroyed my 2005 Classic. It has been a great Rocket so far, just not riding enough yet. I was cleaning the rear inner fender when I saw the wiring harness hanging down and laying on the rear tire. I removed the bags and...
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