1. Nungers

    How to modify the fender for 55 profile tyre

    I cant find the thread that gives the instructions on how to modify the rear fender to fit a 55 profile tyre. Anybody out there that can help cheers
  2. Professor

    Rear Fender

    Just purchased a 2023 Rocket GT and took it out 2 days ago for about 50mi. Of course about 20mi. out I got caught in a major downpour and got pelted for 30mi. back home. To say the least I pulled it in the garage and had a major cleaning for 2hrs. I'm sure this has been asked before but is...
  3. Puddlehopper

    Carbon front fender extension

    I have ordered one you need to take the front guard off to fit , I see there are 4 screws on the top of the guard has anyone done this ? The supplier said send it in but the new extenda is fixed by 4 screws , just need to drill the original fender and extension… Any experiences appreciated
  4. Removed rear fender

    I don't like the rear fendes so I removed it. Not good idea. Undocumented result is mud under the seat, documented you can see on photo. I will put it back.
  5. stingray

    TRIK Custom Motorcycle Parts rear fender

    Got the matte dark gray rear fender to see if it helps keep things cleaner and dry. Shipping from trikstore.uk was fast and all the hardware was included. It took less than an hour to fit and finish. I'd like to think an Exedra Max would fit.
  6. Jagster

    Carbon Fibre fender extenders for sale on on ebay UK

    Seems like a good price....... Carbon Fibre Triumph Rocket 3 2020 on Fender Extender Fenda Extenda Mudguard | eBay
  7. Jagster

    Designing a new rear fender - winter project

    Well.... it's probably about time to start sharing a little project i'm amusing myself with during the winter evenings. I know there are other rear fender solutions available to buy, but I haven't seen what i'm wanting so I decided to make my own. Come along for the ride if you are...
  8. Rear fender

    Have you tried to remove rear fender and let there only the number plate? If yes, is it big loss during rain? In general, I would like to remove the arm completely, but in EU are strict rules for location and inclination, and also often overmotivated policists, so it peobably will remain at the...
  9. EskimoPie

    Fender Eliminator Super Thread

    I've decided I really want to install a fender eliminator kit and new smaller turn signals. There's a bunch of fragmented threads and posts on here about various solutions and approaches but I figure I'd try to pull it all together into a single thread for both myself and for future rocketeers...
  10. atomsplitter

    Bonneville Fender Eliminator problem resolved

    When I bought my 2017 Bonneviller T-120 the previous owner had put a fender eliminator on it. With my fat ass on the bike the licesne plate would end up tucked under the seat when the rear tire hit it on a hard bump. To resolve the problem I purchased another fender eliminator kit, one that...
  11. avijay

    Fender Eliminator Install

    Hey folks, in the process of installing my fender eliminator kit, can anybody shed some light on what wire controls what? Thx!
  12. Louballs

    Removed "Fender" Behind License Plate

    I took inspiration from someone on the FB group and removed the large black fender thing from behind the license plate. Cleaned it up a bit in my opinion and made the rear tire more visible. Just 3 torq screws and it was done in a few minutes. Think I'll keep it this way until a suitable side...
  13. Tal

    Rear Fender

    Just saw this on facebook and liked it so sharing with the group....Rear fender.
  14. pfos1

    Fender Elimination and Lights 2020 Rocket R

    Looking to delete the fender and add some better indicator lights. Any ideas? Best liking highest quality is my goal!
  15. chris haentjens

    Fender delete/plate relocate project

    I've finally started my mod for the rear! I utilized my factory plate mount, cut and ground it down. Made a aluminum plate mount. I have it tight and close. Monday I'll tig weld it and powder coat it. I haven't sorted the turn signals yet, they're coming tomorrow. Enjoy the pics
  16. jeroenelectrum

    Fender extender and headlight grills

    I make grills and fender extenders. The extender prevents water/dirt hitting your body Made from greentec carbon. In black
  17. Kojack1970

    Under tail fender

    Received an email today from Street Stuff in CT that covered new touring accessories for the 2.5 rocket. They had hard bags, a batwing fairing and a nice undertail kit, link below. https://www.triumphpartsonly.com/collections/rocket-3-gt-r-tfc/products/triumph-undertail-kit-rocket-3-r-gt
  18. TheKid

    TFC Rear fender performance

    For those unshure of the new rear fenders not repelling or rooster tails, I just followed Doc and Sandy through rain soaked roads and this was the results. It was about 20 miles.
  19. Griff

    Fitting front fender chrome bling R3T

    Bought this from a wrecker - off a 2008 model. Anyone advise how these are actually mounted? Particularly the plastic trim pieces? (Obviously the end at the forks is straight forward but at the front end?) TIA
  20. AMXsteve

    Fender eliminator TFC rocket

    Been looking at some threads and figured why not as that fender is nasty. Just an amazon generic eliminator i modified to get up as high as possible. No signals yet and i think its better but not loving it. Going to integrate signals in tailight next and sude mount plate off old bemper mount