1. Ishrub

    R3T rebuild project by Ishrub

    Yep its me, one of your local (sort of) Rag and Bone men SEEKING bits and pieces not for nefarious reasons but to possibly restore this now fading beauty who flopped over at her 21st like many before her;):D She had just turned 21,121 miles before taking a extended rest.;):D I opened me gob in...
  2. britman

    Latest Project: Honda 305 Scrambler restoration

    A few months back I decided I needed the motorcycle I lusted for when I was in High School, a CL77 or better known as the Honda 305 Scrambler. I had restored a couple a few years back and sold them, this one's for me. I located a candidate in Kentucky and after a two day trip, it was home and...
  3. sonny

    Project Cam replacement

    Just about ready. Cams on the way. Parts are in from Hermy's. After dealing with Neville lush all i can say about the man is that he invited Customer Service. If your even thinking about doing any upgrades i would use him vice anyone else. The same can be said for Hermy's. The advice and...
  4. C

    Project Log: World, meet Scar!

    Well, here's a picture of Scar at the moment, 2006 bike with a 5th gear dog ring that's rounded off. The forks, brakes, and some other little bits will be removed, then he's strapped to pallet and in my garage late next week! So now that Mufasa is very nearly complete, it's time to make the...
  5. geneseo1911

    My summer project (warning H-D content)

    Thought I'd show off my project from this summer. Better late than never i guess. I wanted a scrambler style bike i could ride out across fields and through ditches. I like taking a bike to scout fields but the Rocket is not exactly at home off road. I also wanted something cheap, somewhat...
  6. Mittzy

    Next project sneak peek

    Just a different rack really Will be available in polished stainless steel and powder coated stainless steel This one is Saturn finish at the moment
  7. R3Tex

    New Project

    Hey guys...Interested in your thoughts on a project idea I have. I want to build an old school hard tail bobber. I am looking at a 1980 Yamaha XS650 as a base bike. Found one for online for $1,000 obo. Will probably offer $500 or less. My intention is to cut the ass end off, stretch it a little...
  8. albertaduke

    first winter project completed

    with the modified easy bracket bolts ( mix from @Mittzy bolts and easybrackets bolts) plus the modified "easy bracket ( welded a metal handle on top ) I now can lock in position the back rest mounting and the panniers both quick detach and install ..the best of both world..next grips.. will...
  9. BillyIndiana

    1970 Bobber Project

    I don't know what I enjoy more. The bike or how much it drives the Harley guy's krazy trying to build it.
  10. BillyIndiana

    New Mike Rowe project. Check it out.

    Sorry I am posting this stuff, but this is great. Mike Rowe has a new project on Facebook and his first show is about a Hoosier and a biker.
  11. Tonester

    Project 'Hydra' AKA Footboard Conversion on a 2014 R3R

    Hi guys, as the heading reads... 'Project 'Hydra'. I renamed my footboard conversion on my 2014 Roadster to Hydra because as soon as I solve one problem I seem to create another two. When I'm finished I'll do a proper step by step info sheet with some of the things I've had issues with. Anyway...
  12. dragonjocky

    The V-twin build, my project tribute to deceased combat veterans

    I started this build last February and fired it off recently. The motor has a THunder sliplees Drag clutch, Carrillo flat top 4.03 forged pistons with bored wrist pin openings and custom wrist pins, ported heads and a complete racing valve grind, custom high lift, long exhaust duration cams by...
  13. C

    Working on an Intake project

    So...there are a lot of air intake solutions for the rocket so far. They all work, as expected. Not a single one, however, allows for the adjustment of intake runner length, or incorporates anything more than a nod to smoothing the intake air flow. This design will allow for simple adjustment...
  14. xian

    Hi R3 People

    Newbe to this forum. I use the short form xian for Christian (like xmas for Christmas). Lazy or efficient? Live in Québec just south of a village called Napierville, about 17 minutes north of Champlain, NY. Bought a 2006 R3 in 2014, bike year based on budget and it's awesomeness. Clearly a...
  15. Nige

    Hello from New Zealand - 2004 Rocket III - Project Bike

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and looking for some guidance (via searching forums first of course) on doing a full custom of my 2004 Rocket III I bought from my father in law. It only has 7,000 kilometers on it so pretty fresh engine but the body and paint is a bit tatty after being left...
  16. Poseidon

    project X

    New pipes all fitted, seat recovered and indicators renewed with billet items, lots more to be done, rear fender being made and front mudguard being cut down, new razor discs being manufactured and billet handlebars being custom made. I know its not the purists cup of tea but i'm loving it!
  17. My rocket 3 tourer

    My rocket 3 tourer

    I live in Adelaide going to strip the bike and get it air brushed does any one know anyone to take the tank off and all gaurds and put back together
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