1. atomsplitter

    Project TTR

    I have posted about working on my 2016 Thruxton R and getting it right. The last job I did was doing the forks, While I had the front wheel off I tried to remove the rust on the spokes and give them a polish. That was a no-go, the rust wouldn't come off and I noticed the pitting was pretty...
  2. Jagster

    Designing a new rear fender - winter project

    Well.... it's probably about time to start sharing a little project i'm amusing myself with during the winter evenings. I know there are other rear fender solutions available to buy, but I haven't seen what i'm wanting so I decided to make my own. Come along for the ride if you are...
  3. Ishrub

    Project 1955 Tilbrook RHD sidecar

    I just bought my next sidecar project - a 1000km road trip to pick up this week end. Chairs are going for big prices in Oz now so I couldn't resist. It may end up being far too light a design for my Rocket but if so It will find a home. Australian made 1955 Tilbrook RHD Tilbrook was an Aussie...
  4. rocketrod

    Old rocketeer back again.

    Back with my 4th Rocket. This one had to be refurbished a bit.
  5. atomsplitter

    RD 350 Project Pics

    As I had a couple minutes to snap a couple photos, here you go:
  6. atomsplitter

    Final Update RD 350 Project

    I'll get around to getting some pics done, I picked up the RD from the Chop Shop this afternoon. They were kind enough to demonstrate the start sequence, and it only took one kick for the engine to bark to life. Nice. Got it home and now safely tucked away in my garage. Still have to sort...
  7. atomsplitter

    RD 350 Project Update

    I took my Yamaha RD 350 down to the Chop Shop to have them put it back together since I was not in the mood. I have other projects that are higher priority so I don't mind sending a little work to them, good people doing good work. They've had the bike since last April (2021) and fiddle with...
  8. atomsplitter

    Yamaha RD 350 Project

    As some of you know I have this ancient little smoker that's been languishing in the back of my shop for years. I finally decided to do something with it and took it to Chop Shop in Keller for a reconstruction. They got it back together and called to tell me something (phone ID) and today I...
  9. atomsplitter

    Trophy 1200 Project Update

    I decided I wanted to get the seat either repaired or replaced. Sadly when I checked Fleecebay the only options were used units they wanted $200 to $250 plus shipping. Surely re-upholstering couldn't be that much. Wrong. The quote I got was $298.00 "out the door." Dilemma, buy a used seat...
  10. atomsplitter

    Trophy 1200 Project

    Well being a sucker for project bikes really hits you in the wallet. I started looking today at what I wheeled up on my Handy Lift last Thursday. The guy I bought it from has never ridden it, as he bought it from someone in New Jersey and had the bike shipped to him. It was a non-running...
  11. Chariot

    Chariot leading link fork project

    At long last the fork conversion has been road tested and apart from getting the new front mudguard painted it is ready to come home. I am also getting the belly pan painted to match the front mudguard. Paul ( Lumley Engineering ) has second set of forks almost ready. They would require shocks...
  12. chris haentjens

    Fender delete/plate relocate project

    I've finally started my mod for the rear! I utilized my factory plate mount, cut and ground it down. Made a aluminum plate mount. I have it tight and close. Monday I'll tig weld it and powder coat it. I haven't sorted the turn signals yet, they're coming tomorrow. Enjoy the pics
  13. Ishrub

    R3T Chrome Bling project by Ishrub

    Yep its me, one of your local (sort of) Rag and Bone men SEEKING bits and pieces not for nefarious reasons but to possibly restore this now fading beauty who flopped over at her 21st like many before her;):D She had just turned 21,121 miles before taking a extended rest.;):D I opened me gob in...
  14. britman

    Latest Project: Honda 305 Scrambler restoration

    A few months back I decided I needed the motorcycle I lusted for when I was in High School, a CL77 or better known as the Honda 305 Scrambler. I had restored a couple a few years back and sold them, this one's for me. I located a candidate in Kentucky and after a two day trip, it was home and...
  15. sonny

    Project Cam replacement

    Just about ready. Cams on the way. Parts are in from Hermy's. After dealing with Neville lush all i can say about the man is that he invited Customer Service. If your even thinking about doing any upgrades i would use him vice anyone else. The same can be said for Hermy's. The advice and...
  16. Claviger

    Project Log: World, meet Scar!

    Well, here's a picture of Scar at the moment, 2006 bike with a 5th gear dog ring that's rounded off. The forks, brakes, and some other little bits will be removed, then he's strapped to pallet and in my garage late next week! So now that Mufasa is very nearly complete, it's time to make the...
  17. geneseo1911

    My summer project (warning H-D content)

    Thought I'd show off my project from this summer. Better late than never i guess. I wanted a scrambler style bike i could ride out across fields and through ditches. I like taking a bike to scout fields but the Rocket is not exactly at home off road. I also wanted something cheap, somewhat...
  18. Mittzy

    Next project sneak peek

    Just a different rack really Will be available in polished stainless steel and powder coated stainless steel This one is Saturn finish at the moment
  19. R3Tex

    New Project

    Hey guys...Interested in your thoughts on a project idea I have. I want to build an old school hard tail bobber. I am looking at a 1980 Yamaha XS650 as a base bike. Found one for online for $1,000 obo. Will probably offer $500 or less. My intention is to cut the ass end off, stretch it a little...
  20. albertaduke

    first winter project completed

    with the modified easy bracket bolts ( mix from @Mittzy bolts and easybrackets bolts) plus the modified "easy bracket ( welded a metal handle on top ) I now can lock in position the back rest mounting and the panniers both quick detach and install ..the best of both world..next grips.. will...