1. Plow Horse

    Summer Shield replacement

    Received my much awaited summer shield replacement. What a disappointment it is, fit and finish are great but this is definitely not a summer shield. It’s more of a barn door. The screen in the front is Triumph’s summer screen. Hoping I can get something worked out with the company, I sent an...
  2. BillyIndiana

    What I did on my summer vacation

    Well I had another successful Midwest Triumph Riders Rally. This year we went to Dubuque Iowa. God has truly kissed this area. We had 16 bikes on Friday and 25 on Saturday. Weather was wonderful. I did 1012 miles in the 4 day trip.
  3. sonny

    Summer relief.

    I ride every summer with a few bottles of water in my daily bag. Yesterday ran up on a parked bike on Hwy 75. Owner was waiting on wife coming to rescue him with a trailer. 90 plus degrees and very uncomfortable to be stuck. When i reached into my bag and pulled the water out and handed him the...
  4. Jay

    **Sold** Touring Windshield (16” Summer)

    Sold I have a spare OEM factory windshield from my 2013 Rocket Touring. This is the 16” summer shield so it allows more air; measured from the top of the light cutout to the top of the shield. I wanted a taller shield for two-up riding. This one has some signs of use (couple minor scratches...
  5. geneseo1911

    My summer project (warning H-D content)

    Thought I'd show off my project from this summer. Better late than never i guess. I wanted a scrambler style bike i could ride out across fields and through ditches. I like taking a bike to scout fields but the Rocket is not exactly at home off road. I also wanted something cheap, somewhat...
  6. Jallen3.14

    Forget about "How it feels to chew 5 Gum"...

    How it feels to ride a Rocket III in July*: I expect it'll feel good come November* though... Joe * For our down-under Captains, reverse the months.
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