1. elcanaco

    2016 Ural now home - fun

    I got home late this afternoon from picking up my 2016 Ural Gear Up Sahara sidecar rig (2200 kms, could be on the showroom floor) . It was a 1300 km drive there and back (using a UHaul auto transport trailer - worked really well) and is SOOOO ugly I’m in love with it already and can’t wait to...
  2. Chip

    New clothing for 2.5 L Rockets

    My friend just bought the first GT Rocket in our area. Neither of us are real big on the clothing looks for looks. That said, I would like to get him a t-shirt or sweatshirt for the new bike. His is a black GT. I bought a good quality T-shirt with a 2.3L engine printed on it from a fellow...
  3. Jay

    Website Recommendation: New Rockets in Banner

    Just a suggestion: Post a picture of the new generation with the older generation R3 in the R3owners.net website banner...debate away

    Rockets aren't for everyone...

    I got a kick out of the comments on this video and who buys a bike without test riding it first. Hopefully there are characters like this in my area so I can cash in on the discount...:D;)
  5. tribal

    How many Triumphs and Rockets were produced from 2004 through 2019?

    I realize that Triumph is a privately held company and isn't always forthcoming with production year/model unit numbers but I was able to go through what has been published over the years with respect to "the Rocket years" 2004-2019 to create this unofficial draft chart. If anyone has access to...
  6. vindex1963

    Rockets in bike shows

    Anyone ever enter your bike in a bike show? I know around my small town I think I have the only Rocket in town and being a unique, seldom seen bike that maybe it would be fun to enter in bike shows. Why the hell not....
  7. Hardware_Hank

    New to Rockets and forums!

    I always dreamed of having a Rocket 3, but they are very rare here in North Dakota. I found the perfect one for sale just 1 state over and had to have it! I've had it now for a little over 4 months now and put on 8700 miles, I can't stop riding it! This is my 5th bike I've owned and easily my...
  8. S

    Not new to Rockets, or this bike either, but new back on the road.

    Bought my first rocket (a 2005) as my welcome back home gift from Iraq in early 2007. A sweet silver ride. Cruised on is between trips to SW Asia (contractor for Gen Dynamics). Came back in 2012. Fell in love and got married (again) Oct 2014. My bride decided she liked the east coast better...
  9. Ishrub

    What are the rarest Unicorn accessories for Rockets? I want to see them all!

    My first nomination. RAASK adjustable foot rails - yep I'm boasting I just got a set.;):D Last seen: Swedish RAASK product from a Japanese seller. R-Pro-Company アールプロ : トライアンフ ロケット3 移動式バックステップKit RAASK Mobile Backstep Kit Fits: TRIUMPH ROCKET 3 after 2004 * Please understand that problems...
  10. BillyIndiana

    Service Manuals for Rockets?

    I have the workshop manual for the Rocket, but it seems to lack detail. I am looking at what else is available and found this one. Anyone have this and does it give more instruction on performing tasks? Triumph Rocket 3 Workshop Service Repair Manual
  11. R

    Rockets & Titans

  12. 2018RocketBlackBird

    For Sale craigslist rockets .

    2014 rocket pittsburg pa 1800 miles $7500 2014 triumph rocket 2005 Triumph Rocket 3 for sale. 14,XXX miles. This bike has a Carpenter Racing pipe Michigan $6000 Triumph Rocket 3
  13. Jason Jurgens

    Rockets in Victoria

    Be nice to meet up with some of you guys...we should organise a brunch/lunch at one of the many, many wineries/cafes scattered across Vic. Anyone interested?
  14. mexican

    Anybody from here selling their rockets on CL?

    Interested to buy one but too many choices and no service history
  15. 2018RocketBlackBird

    For Sale Craigslist rockets

    Triumph Rocket III 2015 Triumph Rocket 3 Touring TRIUMPH ROCKET 111 CLASSIC TRIUMPH ROCKET III Triumph Rocket
  16. 2018RocketBlackBird

    For Sale For Sale craigslist .. Rockets

    triumph rocket Truimph Rocket III Classic 2016 Triumph Rocket Roadster ABS 2007 Triumph Rocket iii Touring Happy Motoring
  17. 2018RocketBlackBird

    For Sale craigslist Rockets

    2012 Triumph ROCKET III ROADSTER ABS Triumph Rocket III Classic 2009 triumph rocket TRIUMPH ROCKET III A few Rockets from craigslist
  18. Claymore

    Hello and thanks for all of the insights on Rockets ! New owner - Bike arrived- in North Carolina

    Update : Bike arrived ! The delivery vehicle was huge... too big to fit into our neighborhood - so the Rocket was delivered from the big blue beast in the parking lot of a nearby abandoned gas station 2 folks who were working on fiber cable installation came over to have a look and asked what...
  19. Dean0

    No more Rockets for Australia

    Triumph Australia have removed both the Roadster and Touring from their line up. The last few come under the offer section and or what is left on bikesales.com
  20. tails

    poss goodbye to my rocket

    ok my 15 plate roadster is in the dealers again. the bike has done 6600 miles,been in a few times gearbox related now it sounds like a concreat mixer. took the bike out saturday,took it easy ish,untill the 120 mph plus gear change,yes will not go into 5th again,and again had enough of it. then...
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