1. Kevin frazier

    Adjusting RPM on 2.5 rockets

    Can you adjust redline rpm in tune ecu on 2.5 rockets? Tuner question
  2. Mongler07

    1.6 makes 300hp and our rockets 2.3 make 150~ LOL

    I have had my eye on a 2023 Toyota GR Corolla 3 banger 1.6l with a turbo makes 300 HP Its just insane what can be done with new tech in ICE's Just thought that was cute how our 2.3 and 2.5 Liter rockets need massive superchargers to get past 300hp and this engine does it in MORE than half the...
  3. stingray

    Lemon Law Rockets

    My new Rocket 3GT is the worst purchase of a new vehicle I have ever made. It was defective from day 1 and Triumph continues to ignore me or the problems on these newer models. Any one else getting this same response from their dealer and Triumph? Let's speak up and get something done before...
  4. Cleaning carbon buildups

    hello, I am wondering if this carbon cleaning should be done after certain number of miles/km to prolong engine life and keep it at maximum efficiency? Just an idea came up in my mind, I am not an expert about engines or stuff but I am being precautious and trying to do extra preventative...
  5. rocketrod

    My 4 Rockets

    These are all 4 of my Rockets beginning with my 2005 that I ordered in 2004 up to my current 2013 Touring. I loved them all like my children.:cool:
  6. Mighty Mouse

    Is it just me or are the newer Rockets hotter than the first gen Rockets when riding in the summer heat.

    I rode about 120 miles yesterday round trip in heat from 80 up to 96 when I was done. Most of the riding was on the freeway and at speeds I usually don't go up to. I was trying to beat the heat. When I got home the seat was uncomfortably hot as was everything under me. One of the pillion pegs...
  7. VoltaicVoltaire

    Combine Two Rockets? A classic and touring.

    A few of You may have seen my recent post I have a 2010 touring model with a bad engine. I just picked up a 2008 classic with a salvage title. My plan is to combine these two. I like the tins so much better on the classic, the touring is black while the classic is a lovely two tone. I would...
  8. Rich T

    Rockets at The Ace

    Eyup, The biggest meet up of Rockets in the UK is happening this Sunday at The Ace Cafe, London. Hosted by the Rocket 3 Owners Club UK, we expect around 100 Rockets, with prizes for the best bikes on the day. We've even booked some sunny weather. All Rocket owners are welcome. Groups will be...
  9. Ice

    Are Triumph Rockets reliable?

    I currently own both a 2019 HD Breakout and a 2019 HD Fatboy. Instead of spending $10k to upgrade to a Stage 4 kit, I put a deposit on a 2022 R3 GT 221 Model. After reading theses R3 forums I’m thinking I made a mistake. I live in a Chicago suburb with two Triumph dealers within 15-miles. Is it...
  10. Kevin frazier

    Rockets hitting the smokeys

    1st. Week of May, of 22, Smokey Mountains. May 1st through the 8th. lets ride
  11. Pre 2010 rockets

    Hi guys, I'm looking at buying my first rocket 3, its a 2005 with 27k on the clocks, bike look the business and really fancy buying it but I've been warned off by someone saying not to buy one built before 2010 due to issues, some of which are fairly major, is this true? And should I not buy a...
  12. Rocket Rupe


    Hi fellas, new to the forum. Is the rockets top speed limited??? If so how do I delimit
  13. Kevin frazier

    No oil in tank?

    does your oil tank stay full after sitting?
  14. Justdad

    Idaho Red Rockets cruise near Moab

    Last September Mr. Bill and I met the Rocket 3 riders in Moab for a group ride. Mr. Bill went out for a ride before sunset. I was knackered and was already working on a video so I passed on this ride. Recently I copied some of his videos while making another video for him and accidentally...
  15. Kevin frazier

    Carpenter exhaust 2020 Rockets

  16. Curlymeister

    I have owned 3 Rockets in 3 Days (Quick-shifter Content)

    The first one was the one I wrote about in the post: Rocket 3R, Six weeks in. It was a great bike. It's gone now. My second one was the one that I owned yesterday. It was quite a different bike to the old one. That's because I followed Bloodnut's advice on suspension. Quite the transformation...
  17. tgessner

    Why are people selling their Rockets?

    Ok, I get it: We buy toys, own them for a while and sell them again. I used to do that with the bikes I owned: Bought a shiny new ride, rode it for a year or two and then sold it again. Because a new, more shiny toy came along. The Rocket, I thought, is a different thing altogether. Certainly...
  18. Big Wultis

    Hi guys, just joined. Had rockets for a few years, now disabled so riding a rocket trike and loving it.

    Anybody any idea where I can get a rider seat back rest in the uk?
  19. elcanaco

    2016 Ural now home - fun

    I got home late this afternoon from picking up my 2016 Ural Gear Up Sahara sidecar rig (2200 kms, could be on the showroom floor) . It was a 1300 km drive there and back (using a UHaul auto transport trailer - worked really well) and is SOOOO ugly I’m in love with it already and can’t wait to...
  20. Chip

    New clothing for 2.5 L Rockets

    My friend just bought the first GT Rocket in our area. Neither of us are real big on the clothing looks for looks. That said, I would like to get him a t-shirt or sweatshirt for the new bike. His is a black GT. I bought a good quality T-shirt with a 2.3L engine printed on it from a fellow...