1. TriumphR3Newb

    Check your tires!!

    On my way to Sturgis, blow out at 140 kph (about 87 mph). Didn't lay it down. Wasn't my time I guess. When I left on the trip tires seemed good. Be careful out there.
  2. Where would be the best place to get tires

    Looking for front and rear tires for my bike. Having a hard time finding them! Any help?
  3. CrzystghndKC

    I get every bit I can out of my tires!

    @warp9.9 told me I would be on cords by the time I got home from West Virginia. He was off by about 20 miles. :laugh:
  4. shinko tires?

    Hi, I own a Tbird but i sometimes post here for certain questions that are common to both bikes. Being 700+ Lbs bikes with a lkot of torque like the R3 and Tbird, they eat tires like crazy so i figure this is a good place to ask. The reviews overwhelmingly suggest they handle fine, and at my age...
  5. Budski

    Photos of a R3T with thin white wall tires

    I was thinking about putting on new tires on my 2011 R3T and wondered if anyone had put tires with the thin white wall on theirs? If so I'd like to see photos if anyone has some.
  6. Darron1117

    New tires

    Had my Bridgestone Exedra 240 55 16 back and Bridegstone H50 140 75 17 front installed today. This was the best money I have spent on this machine yet!!! The turn-in is awesome now and bike feels 100 lbs. lighter. With the stock tires and size it turned fine but was what I called a dancer that...
  7. Replacing the tires.

    The ones on the bike are old and perhaps the ones that originally came with the bike. Suggestions on makes and sizes of new ones?
  8. 420ponies

    Avon Cobra Tires

    Hey everyone, Just purchased new Avon Cobra Tires. What will I expect from the Rocket? Rocky Mountain Motorsports is the place I got them from.
  9. geno

    "Tires on my 2005 rocket 3!

    I have a 2005 r3 which i bought three years ago and i still have the original tires on the bike; The tires are in great shape with much tread on them with only about 3,000 miles on the bike and the tires, they are the Metzler 880s. Some people say i should replace them and others say they are...
  10. Hoffm4n

    Changing your own tires

    Hey guys, I have always been a "take it in" type of guy because I felt that it wasn't worth the time to learn this stuff. Recently, I have had a change of heart. What are your setups to remove and install your tires? I imagine I would need a lift, maybe need to adapt it to the rocket sump...
  11. Landstar

    Any Whitewall tires for the Roadster

    I think they would look good on my bike. Any info or opinions are appreciated. Thanks ahead of time to all Captains. Paul Bryant crossover is getting powder coated now... can't wait!
  12. britman

    Change Tires at Home

    I have decided that I have carried my last tire to the shop to be mounted and balanced, maybe. I recently changed both front and rear on my Thunderbird Sport and with a set of proper spoons and a static balancer, it was a breeze. Of course there have been some pinched tubes through the years...
  13. PEKAY

    Avon Tires- Have You Heard This?

    Bought a new Avon Cobra tire to install on my Roadster front end(just put a new Avon 240 on the rear). This is my 3rd set of Avon Cobras. Fantastic tires, grip like glue, never an issue of any sort. I went to a local Honda dealer to have the new Cobra mounted and balanced which they said they...
  14. sonny

    New tires

    Bridgestone Exdra Max 240/55R16 back and the infamous Michelin Scorcher II 140/75R/17 up front. Along with some custom made wheel bearings for the rear. Second time round with this set up and really like it a lot. Handles great and the front tire is fantastic. Cold ,Hot and wet the tires grab...
  15. Navigator

    Mixing Tires

    I did a forum search to see if I could find the answer to my question and, whew, there are a whole passel of tire threads out there. My situation is a bit different. I bought my 09 Touring with only 7k miles on it from a friend and while he always kept it protected, changed the fuel and...
  16. Rocket Scientist

    For the thousandth time, tires

    Remind me again what is the hot shot tire many of you are running on the front ? I believe it's an Avon Cobra radial. One size down from stock. Supposed to make the bike feel way lighter. Anybody got the number of this magical tire ?
  17. PTT

    I'm no mechanic...

    I recently got new tires (Metzler 888's) and rear brake pads put on at the dealership where I got my 2011 R3T a year ago. I had ordered Rivco risers and a new extended clutch cable (Barnet cables) as well as picked up oil and a filter with all intentions of taking care of myself. Well, I...
  18. Drmatt357

    Avon Tires Rule!!

    I replaced my stock size tire with the Avon 140/75. Steering was a huge improvement and not necessarily because the front dropped a half inch. I already have +1” shocks. It’s the profile. The 150 tire is too wide IMO for the rim and it wraps around to where the sides are vertical. So when you...
  19. dawb

    R3T Tires

    2015 with 65k miles, I hate to even start this, but here goes. Been running Avon Cobras and they were a big improvement over Bridgestones. However, reading reviews and all that, it seems Michelin Commander II's (And Metzler RoadTechs in some circles) are promising more miles and equal handling...
  20. Spawn


    Hey folks. Is anyone out there running Michelin Commanders on their R3C? I used them on my Honda but the tech at Triumph did not recommend them for the Rocket. Not sticky enough he said. Thanks for the help!