1. Bull


    I'm thinking about getting some T-bars and wanted opinions on new grips. I think something thicker would be more comfortable but not sure where to start. And any thoughts on the T-bars would be appreciated too.
  2. Timbo


    Hi all, Bought a set of T-Bars from @chandelierman which arrived last week, fantastic quality, next day delivery etc, and a really good price!! Fitted them late last week and took it out for a test ride yesterday (after putting the correct oil in :whitstling: , another story). They are so...
  3. 420ponies

    Avon Cobra Tires

    Hey everyone, Just purchased new Avon Cobra Tires. What will I expect from the Rocket? Rocky Mountain Motorsports is the place I got them from.
  4. Jabol

    For Sale T-bars- Off market

    Just got them, look great just don't like the riding position, maybe if I gave little more time I would get used to them but for now going back to stock. Made by chandolierman, powder coated black. $240 included shipping to lower 48.
  5. Stillserving

    T-Bars and accessory mounting - What are you using?

    I finally pulled the trigger on a set of @chandelierman 's T Bars (they're in route). Now to find out what to use to mount accessories to them. I asked him directly and got a few good options, but I'm still on the hunt. What are you currently using or have thought of using? One thing I noticed...
  6. Akbusa1

    For Sale Thunderbike 1.5" oversized t-bars

    Selling these Thunderbike bars off of my 2015 Roadster, 1.5" reduced at grips and triple tree to 1" to fit original equipment. I had these installed with Rivco risers and it was very comfortable and looked much better in my opinion. They are powder coated black from Thunderbike. If you know...
  7. jokko

    want to buy t bars

    are there some one who have thunder bike over the oversized t-bars for sale

    How to modify triple clamp to accept Harley bars or risers. I installed 1.5" T-bars.

    I'll get to the "how I did it" in a minute, but you have to understand the "how I got there"... the journey is always better than the destination, which is why we love bikes anyway. First 1,500 miles on the bike and I knew they had to go. Also, they just look incredibly wimpy on such a stout...