1. Rocky Raccoon

    Now to make it mine.....

    After putting on about 300 miles on my new (to me) 2008 Rocket Touring, I have noticed that this bike is NOT comfortable to ride like it is. Adjusted handle bars up a little, but there are not ways to adjust any other items. The stock handgrips are cr_p. My hands go to sleep after about 15...
  2. northernrider

    I could use some advice on handlebars.

    Hey guys, I like the height and the width of the stock bars on my 05 standard. The only thing is I need them to be set back towards me by about 3". Has anyone else had the same problem? Did you manage to find a set of bars the same height and width of the stock bars, but pulled back 3"?
  3. cdlamph

    Trying to find these handlebars

    So a coworker has an '08 Rocket, mines an '06 and I've been admiring his handlebars for a while now. They were on it when he bought it a few years ago and doesn't know the manufacturer. So I was wondering if anyone here recognizes them.
  4. Jeremy


    I also wanted to ask what options are out there for handlebars. the stock bars bend my wrist and gets uncomfortable after awhile and then my pinkie finger would even fall asleep on my right hand. 2009 R3T
  5. munster


    Morning Crew, I've had my Touring for 6 months now. Hated the bars when I bought it, but loosened the clamps, played around and got them to a position I could live with. I've tried to like them, but it's just not working out for me. The pull back and curved wrists are uncomfortable. So I'm...
  6. standard or roadster handlebars

    Hi guys, if any one has a set of standard bars they want to get rid of, could you please contact me. i want to swpa the bars off my tourer for a more relaxed wrist angle. thanks
  7. drbig5150

    Handle on handlebars

    I've recently been seeing Rocket pics posted with low-rise, almost sport bars. Any one have these on theirs? I really like how they look, wondering about comfort tho. Any suggested brands or where to buy them?
  8. Ishrub

    2" thick handlebars for R3

    Anyone seen these before and know the brand/origin. 2" thick handlebars for R3. Quite different to the NZ made Thunderbike bars that have a cross bar that fits the stock risers. These obviously replace the stock risers and are the biggest i have seen. I have the 1.5" Thunderbike so...
  9. Claviger

    Batch of Custom Handlebars

    I am going forward with my Thunderbars inspired handlebars. I am doing a few things differently and was wondering if anyone else is interested in a set. I don't have prices yet, and won't, until after my set is made. This will be done at NO profit to me, 100% transparent on expenses. I am only...
  10. Kim Turner


    Size of the Rocket III Classic bars, and has anybody tried the Harley pull back type? Thank you
  11. Handlebars

    Can one of you accessory guru's help me figure out what handlebar this is? They video says Fehling bar. I want to put the same / similar bar on my 2016 R3R. Can someone help me find it?
  12. scottisharab

    Engine cuts out if I move the handlebars

    Please help guys and gals I've a 2005 rocket 3 with 13000 miles on the clock, the bike is sitting on the side stand with the handlebars to the left, put the key in and start the engine ok get on the bike and turn the steering to the central position and the bike cuts out,the bike wont restart in...
  13. BigNorm

    Dimpled Handlebars

    When it comes to bars on our r3 does it matter if they are dimpled or not?
  14. JSHRAM

    How to modify triple clamp to accept Harley bars or risers. I installed 1.5" T-bars.

    I'll get to the "how I did it" in a minute, but you have to understand the "how I got there"... the journey is always better than the destination, which is why we love bikes anyway. First 1,500 miles on the bike and I knew they had to go. Also, they just look incredibly wimpy on such a stout...