heated grips

  1. Chariot

    Heated grips

    Has anyone fitted heated grips lately ? advice appreciated part ,make etc thanks
  2. P0133 error Heated Grips

    When I turn on heated grips after about 10 mins I get engine warning light. The error code is P0133 which relates to O2 sensor. Doesn't always happen with the grips but most times. I never get this error when I don't use the grips Any ideas?
  3. sunny

    Heated grips maintenance

    As established, moisture kills everything, my heated grips after 1.2 years of use and seeing rain.summer,regular wash, cold and maybe dirt. The button started acting and stopped working and will only work randomly. so I opened it up and used the Electric contact cleaner and lubed the heck out...
  4. EskimoPie

    Replacing rubber on heated grips

    Does anybody know if it's possible to replace the rubber grips on the heated grips? With 20k+ miles on mine, they're starting to degrade and I'm wondering if I have to buy a complete assembly or I can just replace the rubber.
  5. fmansur

    Problem w oem heated grips

    Looking for suggestions. I installed a pair of Triumph genuine heated grips on my 2020 R3R. My problem is: they work at max power only and do not turn off. It is so straightforward, that I definitely have no idea what is wrong. I have that sigh at dashboard w heat symbol and 3 stripes, both are...
  6. fmansur

    OEM Heated grips on 2020 R

    If I install original heated grips (a9638304) in my 2020 R model that did not come with it, do I have to go to a Dealer and “register” it w the Triumph dealer tool, or it is plug and play? I think dealer will charge me more than it costs…
  7. Journeyman

    Killer Deal on Triumph Heated Grips for 2.5 Rockets

    Just wanted to share. I found the Triumph heated grips at a shop in Italy, called Pogliani, for $234 Euros, including shipping. My bank charged me $233. I ordered just three days ago and here they are today in a factory sealed Triumph box. They go for $300 - 310 in the states. Heated Kit...
  8. Heated Grips technical advice

    Hello everybody, I’ve been trying to install the OEM heated grips (A9638014) for my ‘15 Roadster. According to the instructions, it says I should have 3 colored wires for the switch. However, the kit came with black, pink and red colored wires which doesn’t match the instructions. Any help or...
  9. Koso Heated Grips

    Hello Everybody, Anybody with experience or did try fitting the Koso Apollo heated grips? I like the way they look with the embedded heat level button. Thanks
  10. Chariot

    Heated grips OEM for Rocket 3 2017

    Anyone know where I can get a new set. Nothing on Ebay. Thanks
  11. maurice

    Heated grips not hot

    Little cold early today and barely warm on high. Last winter very hot. Anyone with same problem and fixed at dealer? Curious what they did, how long to fix.😡
  12. Loatmead

    Heated grips

    Hi all has anyone fitted the Triumph heated grips that come as standard on the gt to the r. If so is it straight forward or is there a lot of messing around with wires.
  13. Journeyman

    Heated Grip Gone Out - Advice Needed

    The left grip isn't heating. Checking continuity where it plugs in under the tank I have nothing from the grip at the two ends on the plug. The right grip has continuity and it works. Also, the right grip is receiving 12.03 volts from the battery side of the plug (high or low switch position)...