1. golly

    Avon Cobra Chrome tyres

    Any one changed these yet, either due to preference or wear? I have over 4.5k miles on mine and I think it will need replacement in the next 1k miles. I usually get 8k miles out of sport-touring tyres like roadsmarts so I was wondering if 5k is good or bad from these Avons.
  2. CrzystghndKC

    Avon Cobra Chrome recall

    Seems to be some Canadians trying to spread BS about a recall on Cobra Chromes and even texting people that their tires are part of the recall. Seems they say they are from Fort Nine a Canadian motorcycle parts supplier. And are sending out a very official recall notice. Stay tuned. [Note...
  3. Boony

    Avon Cobra Chrome

    I replaced the rear Bridgestone with the Cobra Chrome before a trip last month. The new tyre seemed better than the Bridgestone. A week ago I replaced the front Avon Cobra 140 with a Cobra Chrome 150. So now both the front and rear are Cobra Chromes. As a combination they are easily the best...
  4. 420ponies

    Avon Cobra Tires

    Hey everyone, Just purchased new Avon Cobra Tires. What will I expect from the Rocket? Rocky Mountain Motorsports is the place I got them from.
  5. John Miller

    New Avon Cobra Chrome - any good

    I have set up this page in the hope that someone from anywhere on the globe can get their hands on a set of cobra chrome tyres and put them on their R3 - giving us all an honest review. Grip dry and wet and wear rate when possible.
  6. Allan S

    Asking those with Excedra Max 240/55 and Avon Cobra 140...

    What pressures should I run on a '16 Roadster with this combination.
  7. uforocket3

    Avon Cobra White Walls Wheel Wobble WTF ?

    Just had Cobra white walls fitted today on the 3T and let go of the bars on the way home and f**k me the bars where having a seizure !! Assured the wheels were balanced .. Is this normal for white walls ?
  8. Bigj1955

    Front tire whine on turns

    I have been hearing - yes, through the helmet, over the wind and engine noise - a high pitched whining or hum when I'm banking in either direction at anything over 40MPH. It's pretty nerve wracking when leaning into a turn at 70+ and hearing this noise wondering if the tire is gonna make it...
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