1. Jabbo

    Avon Cobra Chrome Backordered

    I ride my 2022 Rocket 3 R a good bit. It currently has 33,000 miles on it. It is getting close to needing another rear tire. In the past, I have not had a problem getting replacement tires from my dealer. When I called them yesterday they said the Avon Cobra Chromes are on backorder until around...
  2. Blairbiker

    Tyres in UK..where are you getting the Avon Cobra Chromes?

    As the title says, are you guys in the UK getting your tyres from the dealers or is there somewhere else you get them from? Or are you using a differant make and how do you find them in comparison?
  3. golly

    Avon Cobra Chrome tyres

    Any one changed these yet, either due to preference or wear? I have over 4.5k miles on mine and I think it will need replacement in the next 1k miles. I usually get 8k miles out of sport-touring tyres like roadsmarts so I was wondering if 5k is good or bad from these Avons.
  4. CrzystghndKC

    Avon Cobra Chrome recall

    Seems to be some Canadians trying to spread BS about a recall on Cobra Chromes and even texting people that their tires are part of the recall. Seems they say they are from Fort Nine a Canadian motorcycle parts supplier. And are sending out a very official recall notice. Stay tuned. [Note...
  5. Boony

    Avon Cobra Chrome

    I replaced the rear Bridgestone with the Cobra Chrome before a trip last month. The new tyre seemed better than the Bridgestone. A week ago I replaced the front Avon Cobra 140 with a Cobra Chrome 150. So now both the front and rear are Cobra Chromes. As a combination they are easily the best...
  6. 420ponies

    Avon Cobra Tires

    Hey everyone, Just purchased new Avon Cobra Tires. What will I expect from the Rocket? Rocky Mountain Motorsports is the place I got them from.
  7. John Miller

    New Avon Cobra Chrome - any good

    I have set up this page in the hope that someone from anywhere on the globe can get their hands on a set of cobra chrome tyres and put them on their R3 - giving us all an honest review. Grip dry and wet and wear rate when possible.
  8. Allan S

    Asking those with Excedra Max 240/55 and Avon Cobra 140...

    What pressures should I run on a '16 Roadster with this combination.
  9. uforocket3

    Avon Cobra White Walls Wheel Wobble WTF ?

    Just had Cobra white walls fitted today on the 3T and let go of the bars on the way home and f**k me the bars where having a seizure !! Assured the wheels were balanced .. Is this normal for white walls ?
  10. Bigj1955

    Front tire whine on turns

    I have been hearing - yes, through the helmet, over the wind and engine noise - a high pitched whining or hum when I'm banking in either direction at anything over 40MPH. It's pretty nerve wracking when leaning into a turn at 70+ and hearing this noise wondering if the tire is gonna make it...