excedra max

  1. Tbone

    Excedra Max and ABS

    I recently put on a new Excedra Max 240-55-16 on the rear and have been experiencing ABS activating too frequently. A couple times I would be coming in hot and it kicked in when I should have been able to slow under normal braking and things got a little hairy. Also was using front and rear...
  2. Allan S

    Asking those with Excedra Max 240/55 and Avon Cobra 140...

    What pressures should I run on a '16 Roadster with this combination.
  3. EasTexRIII

    Excedra Max rear tire

    i really like this tire. But I've a question. Those of you that are running one, have you noticed that they have a magnetic belt inside? o_O I just plugged my 3rd fuggin hole out in the middle of bfe in less than 3000 miles - the one I had to do a while ago is the second one this week...
  4. Boog


    I just returned from 2 weeks on the road with work, unfortunately, I had to leave the bike at home. When I drove up late that night, I notice the bike cover was pulled up in front. Usually this is the HOA security checking to see if my inspection sticker is current (but that is another story)...