avon tires

  1. BillyIndiana

    American Moto Tire

    Just wanted to give a shout out to American Moto Tire. I ordered a new set of Avon Chromes for my R3T over the Labor Day weekend. I paid $378.00 with free shipping. Avon is offering a $60.00 rebate for both front and back. Thought $318.00 was a great deal so I a not going Darkside yet. I got...
  2. PEKAY

    Avon Tires- Have You Heard This?

    Bought a new Avon Cobra tire to install on my Roadster front end(just put a new Avon 240 on the rear). This is my 3rd set of Avon Cobras. Fantastic tires, grip like glue, never an issue of any sort. I went to a local Honda dealer to have the new Cobra mounted and balanced which they said they...
  3. Drmatt357

    Avon Tires Rule!!

    I replaced my stock size tire with the Avon 140/75. Steering was a huge improvement and not necessarily because the front dropped a half inch. I already have +1” shocks. It’s the profile. The 150 tire is too wide IMO for the rim and it wraps around to where the sides are vertical. So when you...
  4. ZoneIII

    Avon Cobras, Bridgestone Excedra Max "V" or combination?

    I know there are other threads where this subject comes up but I'm starting a separate one to limit the discussion to just this subject. I'm ordering new tires for my R3T. After doing some research, I just about decided on Avon Cobras front and back. I was try to decide between Avon Cpbras and...