1. MarkFehr

    Rear Tire

    Having difficulty finding a ME880 240/50 R16..What are my best alternative tires. I made only 5,000 mi on this one. Is that an average on all brands?
  2. Mark Graham

    Front tire issue?

    Just wondering if this is normal. Between 50 and 60mph, I can feel a slight vibration in the handlebars. Maybe normal but never felt it on any other bike. Maybe something is not right when they installed the front tire. Mark Graham 2020 GT
  3. Hardware_Hank

    Avon tire rewards and recall

    Last summer I put on an Avon cobra chrome rear tire when they were running their rebate and got a $20 rebate. About a month later I got a matching front tire. I sent in both receipts and got another $60 rebate. I put about 7000 miles on the rear when Avon came out with their recall. I talked...
  4. RockOn

    Best Tire Size for Handling

    My searches for a good handling front tire size come up with a recommended front size of 140/75/17 or in one case a 150/60/17. I can't find any size recommended for the rear tire other than the 240/55/16. I'd appreciate any thoughts you have regarding good handling tire brands and sizes for my...
  5. buddazero

    Rear Tire Keeps Deflating!

    So here's the story. 3 months ago I thought I caught a nail on the rear because it kept deflating after a couple of days. I got new Cobra Tires...it took 3 months. My dealership installed them, everything was fine. I put the bike away, then today as I got on the bike, I felt the difference. I...
  6. Chip

    Tire mileage continued...

    I bought my 2008 R3T with 4,000 miles back in 2011. The bike had Metz on the front and rear. Both were changed just over 5,000. I bought another set. Same thing. Poor handling, and 5,000 miles. I thought about selling the bike, expensive just with rubber alone! Then I read one of the...
  7. Journeyman28778

    I pulled THIS from my tire! Cursed- two flats in 4K miles!

    Exactly one month ago I replaced an Exedra Max with only 2700 miles due to a puncture, then yesterday on a beautiful ride I pulled this shet out of that new tire, with just 1300 miles on it! If not for the fact that I got the two punctures in two different locations I would have thought that...
  8. Darron1117

    R3 tire combo

    Received my tires today and went with Bridgestone Exedra 240 55 16 rear and 140 75 17 out front. Looking at the tires I'm wondering if the bike will look like a top fuel funny car. Low in the front and high in the rear. Is that combo a good look on an aggressive looking bike? Thanks,
  9. BillyIndiana

    American Moto Tire

    Just wanted to give a shout out to American Moto Tire. I ordered a new set of Avon Chromes for my R3T over the Labor Day weekend. I paid $378.00 with free shipping. Avon is offering a $60.00 rebate for both front and back. Thought $318.00 was a great deal so I a not going Darkside yet. I got...
  10. vindex1963

    Rear Bridgestone tire

    The Exedra Max or the G852? Search Results
  11. BlackSails

    Help with tire size!

    I'm traveling back home after 3 weeks touring & my rear tires too thin. Having trouble finding anyone in Kansas city with a 180/70R 16. I'm currently running an Avon 200/60R 16. All I can find is a Dunlop 200/55R 16 & a 180/60R 16. Can anyone tell me if either of these will work on my 2014...
  12. jjerdonjr

    Anyone go to the Darkside?

    I've been on the fence about going to the Darkside and putting a car tire on my 14 R3T. I can see how it would get better tread life on flat Street roads but I live in Eastern Tennessee and the roads are far from straight. I ride the Tail of the Dragon, Copperhead run, the snake and all the...
  13. Sparky59

    Tire Change time for my Touring

    After hearing from others about woes of tire changes, I figured screw it, I'm jumping in.. I already have a automotive tire changer, went online and purchased the hard plastic bead clamp protectors and other associated wear parts for my old tired machine. I'm going to have a try at changing my...
  14. Wade'sWorld

    Finally got to scrub some tire..

    I put on a little over 500 miles this last weekend riding with some friends...I got to follow a Slingshot and a fully traxxioned Goldwing on Saturday, lets say the pace was fairly quick and I was very surprised by the handling characteristics of the rocket...
  15. Journeyman28778

    DIY Rear Tire Change

    Who does it and tell us how. This topic has been touched on in the past, but I'm not sure it's been fully explored. Just in the last week I'm reading about @sonny getting his rim manked (it's happened to me twice this year) at a shop and talk of a rear tire change demo at the Maggie Valley...
  16. Steel

    Looking for rear tire

    I was hoping to replace my Excedra Max before RAA. Rocky Mountain ATV has them on back order. Where is the next best place for a good price?
  17. mexican

    How long will this tire last?

    As most of you know i rode darkside for many years, now i have this tire that my friend Bud gave me, should i replace it before MV or will it be ok
  18. Skelton Hogs

    16" front tire to diff size??

    Ahoy mates. I have 16" tires front and rear on stock wheels. Any experience with with changing the size from 150-80/16 to 140-85/16? I am having challenges turning the bike at lower speeds and understand that a thinner tire helps make that easier.
  19. sonny

    Avon Chrome tire$$$$

    For $587.00 dollars this tires had better be really good. Ordered a set tonight. They had better be a big improvement over the past series. That and a rad cover black lower from Hermy's is getting a bit. $59.96 for that. Mine was cracked from road debris. Went to work today due to rain. Nothing...
  20. Hoffm4n

    Trouble sourcing a rear tire, anyone?

    Has anyone has trouble sourcing a rear tire? I was told by my tire guy that all three of our rear options are now discontinued and the only avon made a replacement. 350$...I bought a last stock online...anyone else experience this? Validate this?
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