1. Journeyman28778

    V vs H Tire Rating

    Lots of folks here insist you should only run V rated tires on the Rockets. Lately I went to Shinko on the 3R and have been happy with them, but they only have an H rating. There've been some posts recently on tire choices for both the 2.3 and 2.5s and the V vs. H rating has come up. Here's a...
  2. SonOfJorEl

    Noob tire size question

    Hi friends, hope all is well! The riding season is fast approaching in Canada and I wanted to get my tires swapped as soon as possible. Ive decided on buying the Avon Cobra Chromes. The price is a little steep, but seems to be the right choice for my 2016 Roadster. based on research. I'm a...
  3. Azisbest

    Rocky Mountain RV has rear tire in stock.

    Just bought mine. I dont know how many they carry.
  4. Front Tire Darkside

    Gone to the darkside with the rear tire. I LOVE IT. Looking to put a rear tire on the front. I love to get input on tire brand, size and handling
  5. Journeyman28778

    3R/GT Tire Choices

    Not one to leave well enough alone, I'm experimenting with different tires on my 2020 3R. I'm interested to hear of other's experiences and sharing information. Front tire Avon Cobra Chrome 150/80R-17 (stock) - $244.88 at Rocky Mountain ATV - I'm just not a fan of Avon, despite the very cool...
  6. Choptop

    Front tire

    My '15 Rocket was converted to a trike years back, time for a new front tire. Calls for a 150 80 R17, would like something a little skinnier up front but concerned about the weight of the bike, your thoughts ?
  7. Journeyman28778

    Mounting an Exedra Max rear tire on the new 3R = Better Handling

    This is a DIY install of the Exedra Max on the new 3R. It requires minor modifications to the forward most rear fender and, if doing it yourself, a tire stand and Mojo Lever - I'd say about a two beer rating for time/difficulty. The result, in my opinion, is a less expensive tire that provides...
  8. Ron

    Tire fitment

    I have found a great price for a 180/65-16 rear tire for my 2013 RIII touring. Does anybody know if the drop from a 70 to a 65 will affect how the tire fits on the bike? Clearance shouldn't be a problem, but...better safe than sorry! I know that the drop in size will cause about a 2mph error...
  9. RhinoOK

    First nail in the 240 rear tire

    With a massive wide tire, is this a common thing? Only have 1600 miles on it and not ready to replace it. Of course I'm aware this might kick off the old tire plug debate:sneaky:
  10. CoRocket3Gt

    2 tire options, which one

    Hello everyone. I am going to need new tires for my 2021 rocket 3 this spring. Sitting at 7k on the Avon cobra chromes. Can get another 1k+ out of them. Question is….has anyone ran the Metzeler me888 marathon ultras on the 2020+ rocket 3’s and what’s your opinion? I do 70% highway commuting. My...
  11. Bertram28

    Tire prices for a 2021 and 2022 Rocket front and rear

    I see the tires for the 2021 and 2022 are specific to that model. Are they only available thru mother Triumph?
  12. Rocket Scientist

    Front tire pressure

    I have an "old" R3. I'm running an Avon Cobra 140/75 on the front. I've been running 38psi in it. I just noticed it says max load at 42psi. What are you guys running in yours ?
  13. Chip

    Changing rear tire.

    I'm changing my rear tire for the 6th time. This time I took off the gear side bolts to inspect the wear in the inboard side. Once I cleaned up the parts I found a bushing. I'm not sure were it goes. I thought it went between the gear and the drive unit. I'm not so sure now. The wheel seems...
  14. Rocket Joe

    2020 R3 GT Tire (Tyre) Pressures

    Hi Everyone! I just joined this forum, this is my first post. The manual for my 2020 r3 says that there should be 42 psi (2.90 bar) in both the front and rear? I am used to more like 35 psi (2.40 bar) for the front. Has anyone played around with the pressires? If so, results...
  15. hoopla

    remounting front wheel tire

    well I've been doing maintanance on the R3R and did the fork oil today. so am trying to replace the front wheel tire assembly and it's been difficult. seems to be binding on the inlet side, greased it up good but that did not solve the problem. Anybody got a good method for remounting the...
  16. Walking Tall

    Tire pressure

    What are you using for tire pressure on your bike? It's my feeling that the pressures listed in the owners manual are on the high side.
  17. MarkFehr

    Rear Tire

    Having difficulty finding a ME880 240/50 R16..What are my best alternative tires. I made only 5,000 mi on this one. Is that an average on all brands?
  18. Mark Graham

    Front tire issue?

    Just wondering if this is normal. Between 50 and 60mph, I can feel a slight vibration in the handlebars. Maybe normal but never felt it on any other bike. Maybe something is not right when they installed the front tire. Mark Graham 2020 GT
  19. Hardware_Hank

    Avon tire rewards and recall

    Last summer I put on an Avon cobra chrome rear tire when they were running their rebate and got a $20 rebate. About a month later I got a matching front tire. I sent in both receipts and got another $60 rebate. I put about 7000 miles on the rear when Avon came out with their recall. I talked...
  20. RockOn

    Best Tire Size for Handling

    My searches for a good handling front tire size come up with a recommended front size of 140/75/17 or in one case a 150/60/17. I can't find any size recommended for the rear tire other than the 240/55/16. I'd appreciate any thoughts you have regarding good handling tire brands and sizes for my...