1. BillyIndiana

    American Moto Tire

    Just wanted to give a shout out to American Moto Tire. I ordered a new set of Avon Chromes for my R3T over the Labor Day weekend. I paid $378.00 with free shipping. Avon is offering a $60.00 rebate for both front and back. Thought $318.00 was a great deal so I a not going Darkside yet. I got...
  2. (NJ)AMERICAN EAGLE BAGS take them away Just inherited them from purchase i dont use them

    i have purchased a 2005 rocket three recently and have some bags i took on from the guy who i got it from i dont do cross country or do real seriously far rides . there taking up space in my garage need them gone . this photo is of the bike with the bags . i purchased this bike from someone who...
  3. germ79

    Grief about owning a British bike?

    Friends, I'm in the market for a used RIII and will likely be picking one up tomorrow. I've owned two bikes, both Kawasakis. I had initially wanted an Indian as I began looking for a bike again (as I like the idea of an American bike) but the Rocket caught my eye and hasn't let go. Not to...