1. Mick114

    Kuryakyn floorboards / Viking bags install

    Did some upgrades today to my 09 R3C: -Installed passenger floorboards, Kuryakyn, 8808 adapters with one D spring on each side. -Installed OEM panniers mounts that I got used, they got rust proofed and then coated with truck bed liner spray. -Added hard bags. Viking Bags had a clearance...
  2. goncallf

    Kuryakyn chrome bullet style cigarette

    Hi guys, Can someone put post some photos of this installed on the Rocket? Kuryakyn Chrome Handlebar 1" Mount Power Point Charger Cigarette Lighter Harley | eBay Tanks
  3. (NJ)AMERICAN EAGLE BAGS take them away Just inherited them from purchase i dont use them

    i have purchased a 2005 rocket three recently and have some bags i took on from the guy who i got it from i dont do cross country or do real seriously far rides . there taking up space in my garage need them gone . this photo is of the bike with the bags . i purchased this bike from someone who...
  4. Freighttraintorquemonster

    have Kuryakyn 4357 footboard.

    have Kuryakyn 4357 footboard.Trying to fit into the rear passenger footboard. But I already have an existing extension adapter. It's called PE7 passenger footpeg extension. Does any one know how to fit the 4357 footboard into this extension adapter into the PE7 passenger foot?
  5. Hoppa

    Kuryakyn Phantom Mini Boards

    G'day all, Has anyone installed these for their pillion, if so your feedback is highly appreciated.TIA
  6. AmLit

    I hope this is an easy question for someone!

    I've ordered and received a set of the Kuryakyn Swingwing pegs and adapters. The problem is J&B have sent me the wrong adapter twice and are still adamant I have the correct adapter. The first set was black I wanted silver or chrome, no biggie. The second set, #8841, simply don't fit and...
  7. Cherokee

    For Sale Kuryakyn 6236 ISO Grips

    Kuryakyn 6236 ISO Grips. Spare set I had for my Triumph Rocket III and also fit my Honda Magna. As I sold both I do not need these anymore. Really comfortable and I'm selling the rests and weights with Kthem. The right weight has a small bit of road rash, but not bad. Asking $50 plus shipping
  8. Jake

    Truck-Lite installation

    I have looked for a thread that addresses my question, and while I'm sure there is one, I could not find one. I installed the Truck-Lite head and passing lamps yesterday on my 2012 TR3T. Headlamp went in no problem, but first question: I left the little parking bulb plugged in and tucked it at...
  9. Mark Graham

    Kuryakyn RoadThunder Soundbar

    Thought I needed one of these. No problems installing behind the flyscreen. Had to add spacers to the flyscreen to allow enough room. Sounds really good sitting still. I lose the music at around 50 mph (setting = full blast) with the sidewinder exhaust and a full face helmet. I have tried...
  10. HowardRoark

    Breakaway cruise on ISOs! Quick question, please!

    I know Breakaways fit on our R3s, but after searching the forums, I can't find anyone that has installed them on Kuryakyn ISO grips. Any advice, pictures, or trouble? Greatly appreciated fellow Captains! Bob
  11. IdahoRenegade

    Which Kuryakyn Highway Pegs?

    I just ordered a set of Triumph "front dresser bars" (engine guards) for my '12 Roadster. I want get some highway pegs ordered as well. I have liked the Kuryakyn products I've ordered so far, figured I'd use their pegs. Anyone have a specific one that they use that fits well (what dia are the...
  12. Corey

    Kuryakyn Motorcycle Specific Chrome ISO Grips

    Has anyone installed these on a 08 R3T? if so, what model and what did you do about the weights? keep them or refit? and how?
  13. Gregger

    Kuryakyn LED Voltmeter

    Just installed my Kuryakyn LED voltmeter. This is the 2nd ride I've installed this little gem on. I have always wanted a voltmeter to warn me of a potential charging system failure letting me get to a service station rather than have the bike quit on the road in the middle of nowhere and...
  14. Scuba Craig

    ** SOLD ** Kuryakyn Throttle Boss + End Weights + Black Trim Rings

    *** Shipping within Australia only *** Due to a slip-up by the overseas shipper I have ended up with a surplus shipment of the following items. You can take them off my hands for $AUD35 (incl shipping within Australia). KY-6299 Contoured ISO-Throttle Boss KY-6238 Grip End Weights...
  15. Danky

    Kuryakyn Highway Pegs

    Hey guys, I'm sorry if this is a re-post but I need your opinions. I am looking to purchase a pair of Kuryakyn highway pegs for my rocket but unsure which to get. This will be my first time even using highway pegs. I see that they sell adjustable pegs which I would assume are more comfortable...
  16. Kuryakyn Black ISO Grips, for what it's worth

    Just putting this out there for anybody who may be interested in putting on the Kuryakyn Black ISO Grips, I checked with the company, they assured me they would fit, I will assure you they won't, at least not fit and be safe. Took 2.5 hours to mount the throttle with all the modifications to...

    Kuryakyn Floor Board installation

    I installed the passenger floor boards today on my Roadster. All in all it was a pretty easy installation, except for a couple small glitches and one scary moment. The scary moment came when I used a small screwdriver to remove the small D clip that holds the pivot pin in on the peg...
  18. Kuryakyn Floorboards for Passenger

    Has anyone used Kuryakyn Premium Floorboards 4351 for the Passenger they look nice but no bolt on mounts i can find.
  19. SteveX

    Kuryakyn Universal ISO Grips

    I have noted that a number of R3 owners have opted for the Kuryakyn ISO grips. I have just fitted the Black ISO grips to my ride and thought I would share the experience, as the options are limited in the Black range for the R3 and subsequently they present a few extra hurdles when installing...
  20. Kuryakyn Passenger Footpegs?

    I see that Kuryakyn lists a footpeg adaptor for passenger position on the Rocket III standard now, has anyone installed their pegs or boards on a Rocket? The stock footpeg is angled and looks to be an issue when trying to replace. Thanks!