1. Stillserving

    Mod needed to fit Iso grips

    Now, I understand this might not be very common configuration, so keep that in mind. I will start by stating that I ran into this issue when I attempted to fit the Kuryakyn Iso grips to my Roadster. The part that made this mod necessary was the combo of iso grips, with either the stock bar...
  2. Manic_Mechanic

    ISO Ramair and Rumblers Tune

    The Beast is alive and kicking A$$. Finally found a set of Jardine's and installed them. Already had the Ramair. I could have sworn that I saw a tune ecu tune for this setup but can't find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Want to Buy Need Tailight /rear turnsignal assembly

    so bike sat in the garage for a few years, only ridden very short distance or started- - went to ride it- and the ( once new, still looked new) tires disintegrated- rear exploded and came apart- took out the rear fender to above the taillight- just got the backup fender painted to match and...
  4. albertaduke

    For Sale ISO GRIP

    pair of black ISO GRIP with throttle boss removed from my roadster no blemishes no scratches just do not like them as I thought $25. 00 + shipping ...SOLD...
  5. Cherokee

    For Sale Kuryakyn 6236 ISO Grips

    Kuryakyn 6236 ISO Grips. Spare set I had for my Triumph Rocket III and also fit my Honda Magna. As I sold both I do not need these anymore. Really comfortable and I'm selling the rests and weights with Kthem. The right weight has a small bit of road rash, but not bad. Asking $50 plus shipping
  6. Ted Biggie

    ISO Hanso tune for '14 R3R with TORS and RAMAIR

    I'd rather not bother Hanso at the moment. If anyone has a 3rd generation Hanso tune for Roadster with TORS and Ramair, can you PM me please? THANK YOU! Ted
  7. TriumphR3Newb

    Want to Buy ISO heel and toe shifter

    I just purchased a 2007 classic and it doesn't have a heel and toe shifter. Anyone have one that will fit my bike or know where I can locate one? Thanks, much appreciated.
  8. vocaldog

    Want to Buy ISO tach and speedo canisters

    Mine were in the trunk of my car when I sold it. ****it.
  9. HowardRoark

    Breakaway cruise on ISOs! Quick question, please!

    I know Breakaways fit on our R3s, but after searching the forums, I can't find anyone that has installed them on Kuryakyn ISO grips. Any advice, pictures, or trouble? Greatly appreciated fellow Captains! Bob