oil tank

  1. Jlewis

    Help removing oil tank

    I am stuck! Any trick to removing the oil tank? I've removed 3 bolts. 2 big ones that go through the tank and one on the back bracket that attaches between two throttles.
  2. Kevin frazier

    No oil in tank?

    does your oil tank stay full after sitting?
  3. Mike Rocket

    Oil tank check valve

    Can anyone tell me if the R3 oil tank check valve part number T1210003 is supplied with a new o ring seal as I cannot find the seal on the triumph parts list. They just show the check valve. Thanks for any help.#
  4. Mike Rocket

    Oil tank draining

    I know this is an old thread but I need reassurance. My oil tank completely drains down into the sump within 3 days of parking up after a run. Looking at the drawing it looks like the oil pick up and scavenge pipes in the tank are higher than the oil level so it cannot be draining down through...
  5. EM549

    Chrome Oil Tank Woes

    I purchased a NOS chrome oil tank from my deal in Fort Worth, the part number was listed as A9730136 on the open box. This is the correct part number for my 2008 R3T. I tried, unsuccessfully, to install the oil tank yesterday. My observation is this. The nipple at the back of the chrome oil...
  6. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale Oil Tank with Dip Stick

    This came off a 2005 that the owner changed for a chrome oil tank. It has been in storage for almost 15 years. Excellent Condition. $70 Shipped Domestically. Still Available 11/8/20.
  7. EM549

    For Sale A9730136 Chrome Oil Tank

    I came across a new in box A9730136 Chrome Oil Tank and bought it. Now I am contemplating whether I actually want to install the part. I have a 2008 R3T and would be interested in trading for a new speedometer assembly, or $525 to purchase a new speedometer assembly.
  8. Joesmoe

    For Sale Oil tank - off 2014 Touring - $200

    I was fortunate enough to score a chrome oil tank, and this one, in perfect shape, is surplus.
  9. Reino606

    Oil Tank Removal

    I have a coolant leak at the neck coming from the top coolant hose. Is it possible to take the Oil tank loose without draining the oil to access it? Thanks!!!
  10. Fourfive

    Want to Buy 140 cubic inch oil tank embellisher

    Looking for an oil tank embellisher 140 cubic inch. Thanks!
  11. barbagris

    Stuck for ideas - Oil tank filler plug

    Help. My brain is stuck in a loop and being very unimaginative. Want to make an alternative oil tank plug so I can slip an electrical OIL TEMP sensor in. I made one once for a Harley but it looked a bit odd - I do know the thermistor I will be using does NOT have to be immersed. Ali and...
  12. Ishrub

    For Sale Rare NEW Chrome oil tank EARLY R3 Std Classic only Au$225 (US$153)

    Ishrub's Treasure Trove found you all the late series chrome oil tank From VIN 237541 A9730136 on Canadian eBay last year. That went for $300 from memory. Now I have found a new in box early series version to suit R3's with VIN below 279483 and DOES NOT FIT TOURINGS OR ROADSTERS. Reduced...
  13. Ishrub

    Oil tank temp gauges - cheap as

    I bought a couple of these a few weeks ago for me and @Turk from an Aussie supplier- now I find them here half the price with FREE INTL post. :(:banghead:;):D Now: They will fit our tanks and you could file our oil level marks into the stick or use your eyes and estimate within a couple of mm...
  14. Ishrub


    Not often these come up but the cheapest C$150.00 sea /surface post from Canada to Oz is just too much for me. I do not think these will last long now! This covers the later R3s, Tourings and Roadster Price: C $250.00 Approximately US $199.47 TRIUMPH ROCKET 111 CHROME OIL TANK VIN.# 280584...
  15. Sparky59

    Oil Tank Embellisher

    I was able to score a trim ring unit....Now, if someone can point me in the right direction of a "140CI" legend plate???
  16. Mike Rocket

    Oil tank empty after layup

    Has anyone got a comment on this? I laid up my 2014 roadster with 8000 miles on the clock from September 28 2017 to now, December 26 2017 and today I dipped the oil and the tank is empty. It's been standing for almost 3 months. While I was using it even with it standing unused for 2 weeks the...
  17. Jim Wissmiller

    For Sale 140 cubic in oil tank embellisher

    Have a "140 cubic inches" oil tank badge for sale. $75.00
  18. AndrewK

    Oil tank leak?

    I was finishing up balancing my throttle bodies when I noticed, what appears to be a slight oil leak from the under the back of the oil tank. Any ideas? Only 1,850 Thanks in advance! Oil tank 2 by AndrewK posted Sep 3, 2017 at 4:52 PMOil tank leak. by AndrewK posted Sep 3, 2017 at 4:51 PM
  19. Bull

    Oil tank drain plug stripped.

    I'm performing my first oil change on this bike and have found that the tank plug has been stripped. I've started to siphon the oil out of the tank and seems to be working, slowly. Outside of removing the oil pan is this the best choice? Can I turn the engine over and try to move the oil to...
  20. leatal

    Oil tank line grease?

    Changing the three oil rings in the bottom of the oil tank. Upon removal, I noticed the 2" metal tube with the two oil rings attached was covered with clear grease (looks like electrical grease). Anyone know what type of grease should be applied upon reinstall?