oil tank embellisher

  1. Fourfive

    Want to Buy 140 cubic inch oil tank embellisher

    Looking for an oil tank embellisher 140 cubic inch. Thanks!
  2. Sparky59

    Oil Tank Embellisher

    I was able to score a trim ring unit....Now, if someone can point me in the right direction of a "140CI" legend plate???
  3. Jim Wissmiller

    For Sale 140 cubic in oil tank embellisher

    Have a "140 cubic inches" oil tank badge for sale. $75.00
  4. free4all

    Want to Buy 140 cubic inches insert for oil tank embellisher

    I've ordered the replacement embellisher for my 2011 R3T that will take the insert if I can find one...help please. My newly derestricted tune and free flow crossover pipe needs some sort of explaination for those wondering...."How big is it?" Thanks.
  5. Eric Schechter

    Oil Tank Embellisher Question

    I am sure there are a lot of threads and discussions on this topic, but I have a quick question. Has anyone had experience with Frank Braun bike-parts-design in Germany I see he has an engraved aluminum embellisher that I find interesting but I can't really tell the quality from the picture...
  6. Cherokee

    For Sale Misc Rocket Logo and Power Socket Cover plus Socket

    Really nice! Oil tank embellisher and replacements for two plastic pieces under tank. Really makes the bike stand out. Power socket side comes with a power socket. Asking $25 plus shipping.