power socket

  1. G-Force Junkie

    12 volt socket

    Hi folks, Took out the 12volt supplied socket and just pushed some wire / terminal blades thru a grommet / into the connector to provide a 12v "switched" supply. Easy to do... I ran it to my dashcam. I installed a separate 12v / USB accessory hub at the tank bag for convenience. Switched and...
  2. leatal

    Aux power socket location

    On the Triumph site they sale the aux power socket for the second generation Rocket. Has anyone found where on the bike the wiring plug and body piece this thing goes in? Wanting to add one for connecting the Triumph battery maintainer. Thanks
  3. Ollie

    12V aux power socket

    How you managed with that 12V aux power socket above clock; for navigator, phone power supply ,etc? Any "USB adapters/cables available that socket?
  4. technoguppy

    R3GT - Power Socket on Yoke

    There is a power socket on the yoke of the 2020 Rocket 3 GT (to the left of the TFT). Anyone know what the mating plug is or looks like? When I reference the Owner's manual, it says "See your dealer for the correct plug", when I go on Triumph there's no mention of it. I know someone on here...
  5. kjones256

    For Sale Auxiliary Power Socket

    I accidentally purchased an extra Triumph Auxiliary Power Socket part #A9938047. This genuine OEM part fits the following bikes; - Rocket III - Rocket III Classic - Rocket III Touring The item is still in new shrinkwrapped and with instructions. It sells for $35. I will sell it for $25...
  6. Cherokee

    For Sale Misc Rocket Logo and Power Socket Cover plus Socket

    Really nice! Oil tank embellisher and replacements for two plastic pieces under tank. Really makes the bike stand out. Power socket side comes with a power socket. Asking $25 plus shipping.