throttle bodies

  1. MNC5

    Restrictions Throttle Spark Fuel Throttle Bodies

    Someone told me that even with a tune the R3 still limits power by pulling timing and partially closing the throttle bodies over ruling the throttle table we have access to per 7k revs Wondering if the future holds a higher rev limit similar to the previous version.
  2. turbomrk

    Hesitation and back fire through throttle bodies at 2000 rpm

    Can anybody give me some ideas of why my 2011 R3 Roadster, is hesitating and popping back through the throttle bodies between 2000 and 3000 rpm cruising. It's consistent and the only at that rpm. I have a PC5 with AT and stock ECU map loaded with a Paul Bryant slip on muffler and Ram Air...
  3. Jlewis

    Help removing oil tank

    I am stuck! Any trick to removing the oil tank? I've removed 3 bolts. 2 big ones that go through the tank and one on the back bracket that attaches between two throttles.