1. MNC5

    Restrictions Throttle Spark Fuel Throttle Bodies

    Someone told me that even with a tune the R3 still limits power by pulling timing and partially closing the throttle bodies over ruling the throttle table we have access to per 7k revs Wondering if the future holds a higher rev limit similar to the previous version.
  2. tails

    rocket ristrictions ?

    hi again,are all years rockets restricted ? mines the 2016 ? if so what has to be done to remove the problem. thanks.
  3. 40mmrrsmith

    Could this be coming to a County near you?

    Maybe I'm late with this but it's the first I've heard of it. Probably started with some people (overly concerned with other people's safety) asking for Universal helmet law. AMA in case you didn't know. Paris' ban on older motorcycles begins next month