1. stingray

    Lemon Law Rockets

    My new Rocket 3GT is the worst purchase of a new vehicle I have ever made. It was defective from day 1 and Triumph continues to ignore me or the problems on these newer models. Any one else getting this same response from their dealer and Triumph? Let's speak up and get something done before...
  2. martinrl

    Is it a lemon?

    I purchased an R3 Roadster last year, MY 2017, and have had 3 issues which to me seem like factory defects. Transmission issue - dog worn and 2nd gear slipping after only 2500 miles. Head gasket blew out - just past 5k Cracked radiator connection housing - a few days after head gasket was...
  3. Bob R

    No More Lemon Pledge For Me

    Yep, as a lot of us know, Lemon Pledge seems to be a reasonably popular cleaning agent for quick touch up or just keeping the bike clean. I used to be one of those who *may* have used Lemon Pledge, after all the Naphtha in it makes for a very good cleaning agent. While a little more expensive I...