1. buddazero

    How to Remove Old Gaskets?

    Hey! I'm getting my headers coated by Jet Hot, got the new gaskets and going to install them when everything's done. I'm having a bit of trouble getting the old gaskets out, since they're pressed in there.. It's my first time and I want to make sure I don't damage anything. Any tips on how to...
  2. PiratePete

    Aftermarket Exhausts?

    Any links to aftermarket exhausts?
  3. Martin-Brighton-uk

    For Sale Dave Platt Exhausts

    As on my eBay ad: Triumph Rocket 3 Custom Exhaust DP Dave Platt | eBay New they are £669.00 plus shipping. Mine as good as new, less that half that. Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster
  4. Fenners

    Can I fit Roadster 300, 801 and 802 exhausts to a 2006 Classic

    Ok here is my growing concern. I will need to replace my sidewinder de-Cat exhaust system with a Triumph CAT system. The thought police are coming and both noise and emissions testing could leave me with a bike that I will not be allowed to ride. With this in mind I would like to have the...
  5. atlsrt44


    So I'm a fan of the look of the stock exhaust and would like to put some tors on but apparently they are made of unobtainium. So what other exhaust is there that keeps the stock look. Preferably one that wont make me deaf
  6. pwrushgen

    About to join the gang

    Will pick up my 2009 R3 tourer in a couple of weeks. Always keen to get a better sound on my bikes. Any advice on exhausts that will fit the tourer and opinions please. Cheers