1. Polishing 3GT headers

    Hi all, I saw a few photos of a Rogue Motorcycles (Australia) custom exhaust on a 3GT - lovely but can't sort it out from the UK. What I did like was the steel coloured tops of the headers. I believe they are hydroformed Stainless steel headers therefore I assume any decent metal polish (e.g...
  2. stingray

    TomTom to the Rocket 3GT

    I usually run 10 to 20 years behind any new tech so just now exploring gps devices. Being a skeptical owner with the limited fuel range it is reassuring to know where the next gas station is or the nearest repair shop. So looking for something motorcycle friendly I decided on trying the TomTom...
  3. masterchief

    New Rocket 3GT

    Hi All, Glad to be here and part of the team....Getting Ready to take ownership of my new Rocket 3GT on the 1st of Sept (New Reg), Its my first New Bike ever.... and really dont know what to do to it to make it my own, other than the list of extras im bolting to it, so any help and guidance...
  4. stingray

    First flight on new Rocket 3GT

    A big howdy from Texas. The first new bike I've had in 60 years. I'll say the 100 miles was a pleasure. Looking forward to more intergalactic travel. Seems a bit limited on range when you hit the time warp, but not power. Insert massive grin here.