new bike

  1. mexican

    The Champ has a new bike!

    After riding bikes that were too tall for her, she now rides the bike that fits her perfectly, a brand new 2023 Honda Rebel 1100. 80hp with a very low profile where she can flat foot. She is ready for the open road!! she wanted to try it out so we went for a little ride, her, my son in law and...
  2. Canister

    New owner

    I bought @Journeyman28778 2011 rocket 3 today, and proceeded to drive it for hours on end to get it back to my house. I'm excited for this summer and the adventures that will come.
  3. stingray

    New bike with 360 rear tire

    What a chunk o' rubber. Wolverine XS 800
  4. stingray

    Making the new bike fit

    Since I had to get another performance machine to ride this little 2017 KTM 1290 Super Duke GT fit the bill. Besides changing out the risers for a set of 1" back and up, I needed a little more leg room. I wasn't quite fond of the bend in my knees with the stock setup so I went with these lowered...
  5. masterchief

    New Rocket 3GT

    Hi All, Glad to be here and part of the team....Getting Ready to take ownership of my new Rocket 3GT on the 1st of Sept (New Reg), Its my first New Bike ever.... and really dont know what to do to it to make it my own, other than the list of extras im bolting to it, so any help and guidance...