1. Kingjoey5000

    Proud Texas owner of a 2022 Rocket 3 R 221

    Scooped this up last Friday, easiest 600 miles I have ever ridden. I think they may have created the ultimate bike. Every thing about it was just dead on. I can honestly say I have been on a Harley the past 12 years and 55k miles, all it took was 2 days and 417 miles on a triumph again, to...
  2. suntosh

    Hello from DFW , Texas

    I am going to be an owner of R3 and will need guidance from fellow R3 owners.
  3. stingray

    First flight on new Rocket 3GT

    A big howdy from Texas. The first new bike I've had in 60 years. I'll say the 100 miles was a pleasure. Looking forward to more intergalactic travel. Seems a bit limited on range when you hit the time warp, but not power. Insert massive grin here.
  4. TexBru

    Hi from Texas

    Bought my first Triumph after sevral Ducati and HD. Love it> Power and torque is awesome.
  5. hnkirank76

    New to group from Dallas Texas

    Excited to be part of this forum. Live in Dallas Texas, Have a 2018 Rocket iii Matt black. Mods - Striped wind shield Eagle Lights LED Lights Crash guard Back rest Tidy tail Striped Belly pan Fork mounted Eagle Lights...
  6. Kronograf

    Just another Texas rider

    I got my new GT in April. Currently have just over 1300 miles on the new ride. Did 500 miles yesterday. Love it. In the first Rocket produced my wife and I did the west coast, after cutting a deer in half with it, resulting in her having a cast on her leg. Later we did the tail of the dragon. I...
  7. Scootir

    Hello From Texas

    Hi folks, Just joining the forum. Had my R3 for a couple of months and 3800 miles thus far. Really enjoying the bike but a little disheartened by mechanical issues. Hoping to learn from other owners about fun mods and solutions to issues. Thanks for letting me hang out y’all!
  8. 2018RocketBlackBird

    For Sale texas craigslist 2005 Rocket. $2200

    2005 Triumph Rocket 3
  9. 2018RocketBlackBird

    For Sale 2015 Rocket Texas

    craigslist 2015 rocket 400 miles in TX 7600 2015 Triumph Rocket III
  10. Martin W.

    For Sale Houston, Texas - 2012 Triumph Rocket III Roadster ABS - 5000 miles, $6999

    2012 Triumph Rocket III Roadster ABS for sale in Houston, Texas Purchased used in 2013, one previous owner Excellent condition, 5000 miles, stored in garage with battery tender (included) Full service at Mancuso in May, previous oil changes done by me, stock tires still in good condition...
  11. TurboT

    Greeting from West Texas! It's been awhile!

    Hi Everyone! I joined the forum back in 2012, but haven't been around in a LONG time. Kids, car restorations, baseball, teenagers, etc.... I own a graphite 2005 Rocket III. Bought it new in Feb. 2005. 7k miles. Yall will be seeing my ugly mug around the forum now!
  12. mjackson1000

    Texas Rocket Rider.....

    Been on my '09 R3T for almost 10 years....vacation in England and France this May-June...gonna try to visit the Hinkley factory while we are in London.....
  13. Steveo1

    Greetings from Rockwall Texas

    New rocket owner and forum member. Have been following the forum for years, finally got my rocket.
  14. Choche

    Rocket Roadster -- South Texas

    Hi everyone; Rocket Roadster (all stock). I live in deep South Texas and so far the weather has been nice but we do get some hot days out here. Be safe.
  15. The Only Noel

    Greetings from Texas

    So I bought this rocket 3 a month ago and had it shipped in from the other side of the country. They shipped it without the seat so I still haven't got to ride it yet, but I am certainly looking forward to it!
  16. EM549

    Hello from Texas

    Hello, I am excited to become a part of the Rocket 3 Owners community. My ride is a 2008 R3T. I took a 15 year hiatus from motorcycle riding and now I am getting back into the hobby. I have been stalking this page for a few weeks learning valuable information from the posts contained herein...
  17. Road Weazel

    Greetings From DFW, Texas!

    Greetings, y'all! My name is Colin and I'm a Motorcycle Addict. I'm been lusting after the Rocket III since 2006 and just picked up a 2007 Classic. It's wearing a Corbin seat and Beetle Bags at the present, but that's about it. I will be making a slip-on or buying an exhaust very soon. I liked...
  18. RKrodle

    Howdy form Texas

    Good morning y'all! I'm a proud new owner of a 2018 Rocket 3, also have a 2017 Bonneville T100. I live in the North Texas area, North East of Dallas. Lots of Farm Market roads here with plenty of turns to keep it fun. I was away form motorcycles for several years but after my wife passed away I...
  19. kcc11


    I have a 2012 Roadster original Silverback, so I'm told. (Marvin's old bike). He had added the RamAir filter and I added Carpenter's baffle with ceramic warp to the street rod pipe. Runs great, good mpg but the pipe can cook your leg to the bone. Need to get the PCV adjusted to make sure is not...
  20. JoseyR3Wales

    RAA West-cursing the Texas Heat

    I want to ride this one more time before I no longer can. You Texans know when it's cooler but like D.A.C. said I ain't above cursing the Texas heat. Amarillo and a natural beauty, Palo Duro canyon. It's very flat here except for the canyon. Supposedly 2nd largest after the Grand Canyon.