1. hnkirank76

    New to group from Dallas Texas

    Excited to be part of this forum. Live in Dallas Texas, Have a 2018 Rocket iii Matt black. Mods - Striped wind shield Eagle Lights LED Lights Crash guard Back rest Tidy tail Striped Belly pan Fork mounted Eagle Lights...
  2. dustyroad

    For Sale For Sale: 2016 Rocket III Roadster

    2016 Triumph Rocket III Roadster ABS | European Cycle Sports My son is selling his 2016 Rocket Roadster. Clean, has approximately 5,000 miles. I've included the dealers web site on the bike. Or pm me and I'll give you details. It is also listed on Cycletrader. Thanks for the looks and...
  3. Hubguru

    Anyone use Sabin Performance in Dallas TX for Dyno? UPDATE DYNO COMPLETED

    Hey Guys, I've pulled the trigger on installing a RamAir and Outlaw Slip-On so will need a new tune. Has anyone used Sabin Performance in Dallas TX? I email them but haven't heard back yet if they will do a R3R. I could probably tuneecu myself but have had several previous bikes Dyno'd with...
  4. AndrewK

    Dallas 1/2 mile shootout on an old runway.

    Any one bringing their suped-up Rockets to this? DALLAS ½ MILE SHOOTOUT - wannaGOFAST - 1/2 Mile Racing Events
  5. Anomaly

    Carpenter R3 in North TX or Southern Oklahoma

    I'm looking for someone in the North Texas area or Southern Oklahoma area that has a rocket with a carpenter exhaust. I've not been inpressed with the sound of the carpenter exhaust from videos posted online, but people do rave about the sound. Before I try any other performance upgrades to my...