1. hoopla

    pressure vs tps for power commander v

    is this worth the effort ? any tips and how to? seems like pressure would be a much better control scheme, would look at all 3 cylinders too, I think please
  2. Cav Man

    Power Commander Issue

    I had my Power Commander apparently go out on me on a ride yesterday- the beginning was perfectly normal but after about a hundred miles or so the engine began running very rough. Thought maybe I had gotten some bad gas and put in some fresh, but no change. Took the seat off and removed the...
  3. Stan

    Power Commander and tune for 2.5L ?

    Anyone done a dyno tune and power commander install if they even exist on the bike.
  4. brsmits

    Power Commander shipment to California

    A rather specific issue here. Just got an invoice for a Carp Sidewinder. Need a fuel module. Dynojet can't sent a PCv or their AT units to California due to smog regulation things. Any non-California people willing to be a middle man or have any advise? I don't think dynojet would send something...
  5. Kevin frazier

    Michelin commander 111

  6. Troy

    Power commander 5

    I know there have been discussions on adding the PCV, but where I am there are no tuners that know our bikes. I think I want to go ahead and add it, and I guess the auto tuner so mike bike runs better. I am running triple K&N filters and open exhaust. The Tune Ecu pages do not have one that fits...
  7. TXtriple

    Power Commander 5 Install Question first Rocket was a 2013 Roadster. I bought it used and it had a PCV and AT installed. After that bike got totaled, I removed both to put on my "new" Rocket (2012 Roadster). So I'm working on the install and trying to lay out the wires. I've got the main harness, power and...
  8. Ishrub

    **SOLD** US $60.00 eBay 2004-2007-Triumph-Rocket-III-Dyno-jet-Power-Commander 2004-2007

    NEW on US eBay Triumph Rocket III Power Commander V 21-003 Free Map PC-V Fuel Moto 2004-2007 Triumph Rocket III Power Commander V 21-003 Free Map PC-V Fuel Moto | eBay
  9. R-III-R Turbo

    Dynojet Power Commander "Power Core" Software 2019-02-03

    Thanks to my boy Chris at Dynojet for making this available for us; E.g. To create a PCV map with up to 50 "Ultra Fine %TP" columns; Download and install the Dynojet Power Core...
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