Dynojet Power Commander "Power Core" Software 2019-02-03

Advanced software suite from Dynojet

  1. R-III-R Turbo
    Thanks to my boy Chris at Dynojet for making this available for us;


    E.g. To create a PCV map with up to 50 "Ultra Fine %TP" columns;

    1. Download and install the Dynojet Power Core Software on to your computer.
    2. Connect your devices to the computer.
    3. Open the software.
    4. Go to the C3 Tuning Software sub-program.
    5. Retrieve the map you wish to modify.
    6. Select a fuel table or timing table that you would like to manipulate.
    7. Click the Throttle % channel header name at the top of the table.
    8. You will see configuration window open where you can change the number of throttle columns in the table, and you can assign Throttle % values for each column header in the table.
    9. Enjoy!


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