Carpenter Racing 240hp 9000rpm map (TuneECU version) - Newer Roadsters

Carpenter Racing 240hp 9000rpm map (TuneECU version) - Newer Roadsters 1.0

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Map based on 20776 for the "newer" Roadsters

(March 2013 onwards I believe - check VIN number in map details)

Copied from Roadster 240hp 9000rpm 11.8:1 CR Carpenter Racing Tuneboy map

Big thanks to Alain Fontaine for the work he does for us.

This map is set to 9000rpm and 400kph limits, but Alain is working on a newer version which will have adjustable rev and speed limits, so you can pick a limit e.g. 8500rpm and 320kph, whatever you want.
Will update resource if/when we get it

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