1. KalSaint

    2011 R3R Ramair & Viking Exhaust Dyno Results

    Evening Everybody, Just picked up the bike from G P Bikes in Melbourne, FL after getting new tires put on and dyno tuned. 2011 Roadster with Ramair and full 3:1 Viking Exhaust. 20355 KN TORS.hex map used as base. Initial pull: 143.16 HP & 145.47 ft-lbs Final Result: 147.21 HP & 152.66 ft-lbs...
  2. BDClone

    Skinny Dyno Tune 2019-05-17

    Base was Hans0 2014+ Roadster unrestricted plus 10% Running Ramair and Carpenter Sidewinder. Tune was done outside, 85 F, with 56% humidity It runs a little lean between 3000 and 4200 rpm but the fuel table is maxed out. Made 152 hp and 158 ft-lbs torque
  3. Rock It

    Is a dynotune necessary yet?

    Hi guys, I've installed a ramair onto my 2012 Roadster. I wondering if I need a dynotune at this point? I figured I would wait until my exhaust comes so I could have it dynotuned once that arrived but that has been delayed. So long story short can I ride it without getting a dynotune? Cheers