1. Xsannz

    Blind, or Dumb, but i cant find temp setting??? Help?

    I normally like to monitor bike temps, but all i can find in all the dash settings is the danm external temp. is there a water/temp gauge on the R3
  2. 2012cliff

    Deer and other dumb animals

    I'm thinking about putting deer stickers on side of my tank similar to WW2 airplanes putting kills on the side of their planes
  3. RoleyRocket

    Dumb ass maintenance problem- sorted?

    Hi all, My 2014 roadster has a foreign object in the oil tank (don't ask what or how- I want to stay married). Have been trying to download a manual to check how to remove fuel & oil tanks but so far only ones I've found want to install other software or ask for payment without me being able to...

    Auction Alert Mini bike from Dumb& Dumber on E-bay

    Auction Alert: Mini Bike From Dumb and Dumber Now on eBay 70 miles per gallon..$30000.00:D