1. Bedifferent

    R3T Larger Lowers & Pattern

    High Everyone, Some of you touring owners expressed an interest in having some bigger laser cut lowers for your bike. This pattern is pretty close to the ones I made for my bike. The holes line up with my stock lowers. I am making no claims about them, but it is too hot riding with them on...
  2. Ishrub

    For Sale **Sold** OEM Screen Lowers kit Brand new in package

    OK they are UGLY, but you will not care when your warm and not being buffeted to death.;):D These have not been unavailable for years and are an essential addition to a large screen to fix the common buffeting problem from air getting in underneath due to low pressure area behind screen drawing...
  3. R3Rboy

    For Sale SOLD - Corbin beetle bags and other stuff

    Time to sell some stuff I'm clearly not using. Paypal is probably easiest but we can discuss other options if needed. Corbin Beetle Bags - $800 shipped in U.S. or $750 pickup or $750 + international shipping. Used (but never by me). I bought these but never mounted them as I had some Viking...