1. vindex1963

    No tail light, no license plate light

    The rest of my lighting works fine. Replaced bulbs, removed side cover and checked the yellow/black wires and plug. Pulled the plug apart and plugged it back in. Fuse #10 is fine. (see I searched!!) I removed the small parking light bulbs from the headlight when I added the LED headlight so I...
  2. tribal

    Welcome worlds latest licensed MC rider

    I would like to introduce one of the latest Rocket riders to get his MC license: ME!!! Yippie! After street riding for over 35 years, ~200,000 miles and completing rides in all “Lower 48” Continental US States on my 05 R3 I am now legal. 1983 - bought an ‘80 Yamaha Maxim after leaving...
  3. CrzystghndKC

    Needing to change license plate light

    Just wanting to get input on how it's accomplished and would like to go with an LED replacement.
  4. goncallf

    License Plate Holder

    Hi guys, I need your help. My Rocket has a homemade license plate holder, but the way it is assemblied, compresse to much the inside fender struture. As you can see in photo below the bottom of the rear light has a gap because of that. In order to see how the OEM license plate holder is...
  5. germ79

    Ugly License Plate/Rear Signal Holder

    Ok, one thing I just really don't care for about the R3 is the big honkin' license plate/signal holder hanging off the back fender. I see that they sell a "relocation bracket" that seems to just raise it up and pull the signals in a bit. What options are out there to just get rid of the...
  6. germ79

    Finding the perfect personalized plate...

    I’ve spent WAY too much time trying to come up with a fun/humorous/witty license plate for the new Roadster. I love plates that have a double meaning. So many are already taken here in Michigan, so I have to get creative. I can only us 5 digits. So far, I had (what I think was) my best idea...
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