crash bars

  1. jhutch6232

    2015 hiway crash bars

    Looking for a set of crash bars and highway pegs....Preferably in the US but not picky at this point. Ended getting a seat from down under so global is open.
  2. 3-D

    Good choice for crash bars for my 23 GT

    Looking for good looking crash bars with the ability to add highway pegs. Want chrome at a reasonable price. Opinions? Ideas? Sorry if this question has already been covered, but I haven't figured out yet how to search for topics...
  3. BMAN

    Crash bars front and rear

    Dear all, I am a proud Rocket owner since 2013 living in Switzerland. I love the masterpieces of engineering! Now I am the owner of a Rocket 3R black „special edition“ built 2021 and I am looking since I bought this bike for forward and sft crash bars which fit nicely on the bike. All I found...
  4. Micksan

    Hi Folks. Need a picture of a 2020 & post R3 with a set of crash bars.

    I need the picture for a couple of reasons. First To make sure that there are such things. Second to see how they are mounted. The people I am writing say no instructions. Thanks in advance. Russ in OKC
  5. Tx123

    Highway / Crash bars availability

    Does anyone know if there are some cheap front crash bars available anywhere? I have only seen one style still being sold currently and I am not a fan of the way they look. I'm not too concerned about getting a really high quality set of bars, I just want a place to mount some highway pegs for...
  6. germ79

    Pics of Roadster with Black Crash Bars on Front/Back?

    I'm considering putting on some crash bars, but I don't want to take too much away from the look. I think if they are black it won't stand out too much? I'd love to see pics of what it looks like on the front/back if you have them! Also, where can you get these things nowadays?!? Thanks, guys!
  7. Choptop

    Craftride crash bars

    Picked up a set of Crashride couple of years ago when I picked up my 2016 Trike. Of course, as many have mentioned, directions are pretty much non existent and frankly I haven't looked at the mounting closely yet. Some say to not use the new long threaded rod but to use the original. Any...
  8. RIchareno

    New crash bars and foot pegs!!!

    Love my new bars and pegs! '09 Classic
  9. SonOfJorEl

    Engine dresser bars help

    Ended up ordering a pair of these engine dresser bars from AliExpress and was totally disappointed. The holes don’t line up. Any ideas as to what can be done? AliExpress closes the return window within 48 hours and unfortunately I wasn’t able to try these on to the bike in that time. I don’t...
  10. CRASH BARS, ENGINE GUARDS, Carbon fiber kit for new rockets

    hi, In case you all wondering about crash bars/engine guard on rocket. I found this guy selling Carbon fiber kit for newer rockets and crash guard. Total cost he quoted me was around 32000 Chinese Yuan which is ~4700 USD for a pair of crash guard. I cant spend that much on crash guard so just...
  11. Cushman

    Crash bars

    Has anyone ever had the crash bars bust the engine case. If you fall?
  12. Myczka

    Hi From Canada

    Hi everyone. I just joined the forum because it seems aftermarket parts for the new Rockets are really hard to come by. I have about 5000km on my bike now. I am terrified of having it go over with the kickstand that positions it so upright. Has anyone modified the existing stand or found an...
  13. Hello to all from Switzerland

    Hi all, I wanted to introduce myself as an almost new Triumph Rocket3 (2007) owner. I bought the bike last year and have been enjoying it all this time. Previously drove a Speedmaster and now it is just parked waiting for some better days (maybe even a new owner). I'm trying to find some crash...