1. SonOfJorEl

    Engine dresser bars help

    Ended up ordering a pair of these engine dresser bars from AliExpress and was totally disappointed. The holes don’t line up. Any ideas as to what can be done? AliExpress closes the return window within 48 hours and unfortunately I wasn’t able to try these on to the bike in that time. I don’t...
  2. Rear Dresser bars

    Howdy peeps Im after chrome rear dresser bars for a 2008 R3 Classic. They are a discontinued item so all the sites that I have seen that list the part dont actually have them. So this will be a case of someone out there who have them collecting dust in there cave and would like to unload them...
  3. Ishrub

    Another aftermarket crash Dresser bar maker... EMP in Holland

    https://www.empmotorparts.nl/en/crash-bars/crash-bars-top-line-35-mm/crash-bars-top-line-35-mm-chrome/14-11-0630-crashbar-top-line 152,35 € excl. VAT Worldwide shipping till 5 kg (Cost 49,50 €)
  4. Mateo

    Installing the dresser bars

    i got a set of dressers from EMP Motor Parts 2nd hand and got the rear ones on but i see for the front ones on the header side there is a bolt and on the clutch side there is a cover over the nut. is it easy to get this off or am i going to have to remove the clutch cable adjuster and possibly...
  5. Plow Horse

    Dresser bars

    I picked up a set of Triumph dresser bars from the local dealer, between Christmas and New Years. Finally got around to installing them last night. Using a wheel chock and an ATV jack it was a pretty easy job, at least it was after I realized I needed to strap down the forks so they would stay...
  6. Son_Of_Dog

    Want to Buy Mirrors, Dresser Bars, potentially more...

    Laid the skunk down last Friday, was lucky enough to get away with just cosmetic damage. The list of stuff I'm currently looking for leads on is as follows: (08 R3T) Mirrors Front dresser bars Rear dresser bars Front fender embellisher Front signal light lenses Panniers or repairs to...
  7. Markx

    Mounting pegs on the dresser bars question

    Should I use a rubber gasket or bicycle innertube piece under the clamp. It seems like just bolting those things right on the chrome bars would surely scratch them up or at least I probably would. Just getting the bike back on the road after a year (leg surgery), haven't been on here in awhile...

    For Sale Selling my rear dresser bars

    Selling my rear dresser bars. For $150 USD plus shipping from zip code 60617.
  9. Stillserving

    Rear Dresser bars and saddlebags

    First, what's the deal with price? Bike bandit and a dealer in Miami want $75. Most other places want $250. Next, I'm putting Tsuyaka strong bags on my '17 Roadster and am curious how far the bars hang back and if they are gonna be in the way of the bags.
  10. stollydriver

    Engine dresser bars

    What is the favourite or best - in your opinion - front dresser bar. Looking for chrome - any advice welcome.
  11. instant

    For Sale Triumph Pannier Dresser Rail Kit NEW

    If somebody is looking for it check Triumph Pannier Dresser Rail Kit I guess this kit is pretty rarely seen for sale. This is NOS for like 17$..
  12. CrzystghndKC

    Dresser bar fitment

    Looking at some of those sweet German bars to replace the cheap bendy ones on my 05 but the listing fitment guide starts at 2010. If I got some would I just be sending them back? The cheap ones bent from just the weight of my feet when I had hiway pegs on them.
  13. Rocket Scientist

    Want to Buy Rear dresser bars

    Anybody have a used set of these for an R3 standard they would like to part with ?
  14. thorin

    Anybody use Rear Dresser bars?

    trying to understand where these mount. with my recent accident and resulting damage to my Jardine mufflers, i'm interested in protection at the rear end of the bike like my highway bars provided at the front. pictures of these mounted on a rocket would be appreciated. thanks! TRIUMPH ROCKET...
  15. geneseo1911

    For Sale SOLD

    Factory Leather Bags off my 07 Classic. These have the curl on the lids, as you can see in the picture. I got it under control with oil and pressing it into place, but over the course of a couple years it has curled back up again. It actually looks like the lids have overall shrunk a little...
  16. flyreels

    For Sale Front and rear crash / Dresser bars and Highway pegs and adjustable arms

    I have some other parts for sale all new never fitted all genuine Triumph and they are the newer stronger type cost $1170 will sell for prices below Triumph Adjustable Highway arms for the Pegs $100 Triumph Highway Pegs with Logo $100 Triumph Rear Dresser Bars Chrome $250 Triumph Front Dresser...
  17. Front End Dresser Bars

    Anyone add dresser bars and highway pegs to the R3R?
  18. Dawg68

    Panier Dresser Rails

    does anyone have a set of these that they would like to part with?
  19. Markx

    Dresser bar installation question

    This is probably very easy but I am nervous about loosening the engine mount bolt to install the bars. Should the motor be supported if the nuts are taken off? Of course I would do one at a time. I know that the torque on the bolt should be 60nm, but what if you are off a little on that. My...
  20. lionel

    For Sale Rocket 3 Dresser Bars - UK

    Forget where I bought these, think they are Fehling? I believe these cost £200 now. Open to offers. Lost one bracket for fixing, it should be here somewhere, I bought these then never got around to fitting them. Also have set of rear bars for sale, again never fitted, these were Triumph rear...